How to run ads and maybe you’re not which is why we wanted to create this Article for you on how to set up the facebook Article ads but if you’re not looking just for Article video ads maybe you’re looking for lead ads maybe you’re looking for any other type of Facebook ad or just maybe. You’re looking for reasons on our ways to actually make your Facebook ads work make sure to stay tuned to this entire Article because we’re gonna give you tons and tons of resources on Facebook ads and what to do so that way you can have better success with your campaigns. If you don’t believe me just make sure to stay tuned to the very end at least. We’ll give you one other training on how to actually make your Facebook ads convert now again Facebook video ads are a really great way to capture audience’s attention.Facebook Video Ads.

It’s also a great way to figure out how much people are interested in your content it’s a great way to actually tell a brand story or to deliver a message without even necessarily needing words to deliver that message so let’s go ahead and hopon over into Facebook business manager where we actually set up all of our campaigns. We’ll show you how to set up one of these Article ad campaigns and give you some pointers along the way as well alright guys so once you get over to business Facebook comm all you’re gonna do is hit this button right here go down to all tools and then select ads manager some people actually suggest uploading it from the page itself you can definitely do that that’s really more. If you’re doing an on page ad versus a ghost ad.

Which ghost ads obviously don’t exist on the page itself that’s written you would actually want to go to the page just to upload the Article but that’s really. It other than that you want to manage all of your ads in ads manager all right now the cool thing is with Article views they even made this new objective to help you get views on your Article what this objective does is targets people. Who are likely to actually watch 10 seconds or more of a Article since that would be the ad objective or the optimization objective we’re gonna select layer which. We’ll talk about but just because you’re trying to run a Article ad doesn’t mean that you have to run the Article views’ objective. 

how to create successful facebook video ads 2020

I just want to make that very clear we could actually run two different ad objectives on one Article if we wanted we could run the Article and you would want to actually you would run the Article views objective to get more views on the Article people typically don’t watch an Article that only has four views on it right. They’re less likely to watch it if it only has four views so you add the Article views objective to kind of add that authority to that Article letting people know. It’s a watchable Article you will actually like it but alternatively you could set up a traffic ad or you could set up a conversion ad say that Article that your that you’ve set on Facebook you want to actually take those people and drive them to a popular blog article right you’re talking about specific topic. 

You have a whole blog article that you’ve written on it but obviously we don’t want to talk about maybe a 15 20 minute conversation in a Facebook app. So we would create a Article talking about that blog article and the major points to draw people in and then tell them to click the button below to drive them to that blog article in that case we would want to use the traffic objective as well so just so you guys are aware just. You’re running a Article ad doesn’t mean you have to use the Article views campaign the Article views campaign really just helps you get again more views on the Article it targets people who are likely to view the ad so you can see you know. 

Facebook Video Ads

We’ll just select the Article views objective you’ll set up your name. We’re gonna click continue for the ad set section really the only important things as far as Article are concerned an you using Article you know. You’ll set up your audiences and do all of that but after you set up your audiences you’ll need to select your placements so you’ll come in here and here are my recommendations for Facebook placements for Articles you’ll always want to do feet that’s the best place to put Articles in like just period okay best place to put them is in the feet so always do that what. You’ll want to consider is one to use in-stream Article suggested Articles And you can even use this section of audience network for your Articles down here what I would recommend. You’re going to use these five sections so this section this section and then the audience network down here Facebook Video Ads.

You’re going to use those you need to have a large and substantial ad budget meaning if you only have a thousand dollars to spend. I probably wouldn’t dedicate anything to end stream Article suggested or any of the audience network really you’re looking at budgets of 10k plus before you even start to want to look at instant articles in-stream Articles all of these other suggestions just because they typically get lower conversion. They’re put on for example the audience network isn’t on Facebook site. 

Facebook has partnerships with a bunch of other websites out there. They’re allowed to place advertisements on right so that would be the audience network and so you wouldn’t necessarily want to be putting a ton of Articles on other platforms necessarily unless. You have that bud get to cover that right so that’s really the only thing you’ll want to know there the next thing is going to be your optimization for ad delivery like. 

I Mentioned most of you are going to use the 10-second Article views’ which means that they will optimize the ad to get people who are going to watch 10 seconds or more of your Article at the lowest cost meaning. They’re gonna go and try and find people who want to watch these Articles at the lowest cost but to do that to complete that objective they have to watch at least 10 seconds of that Article so you can do through play – through play is good for. If you’retrying to you know figure out if somebody’s watching at least 15 seconds create Facebook Video Ads.

If your Article is shorter than 15 seconds it’s gonna get the most completed Article Plays if the Article is 15 seconds or shorter right but for longer Articles. They’re going to optimize it for people most likely to play at least 15 seconds. So if it’s 15 seconds or less they’re just gonna optimize it to get as many people watching as much of that Article content as possible if it’s more than 15 seconds they’re gonna get it to where people are watching at least 15 seconds of a Article okay most people won’t use two-second continuous Article views this is where they watch at least two seconds and that counts as and basically a compilation of that objective right. You don’t typically want to optimize for that type of campaign unless you’re running more of a brand awareness Article ad right. You’re selecting all of these like you’re selecting in the audience Network you’re selecting in-stream Articles and suggestive Articles. 

You have that branding budget you could use that objective then when you’re trying to get actual conversion and figure out people that actually care about the ad and optimize for those people that are watching the content. You’re gonna want to use ten-second Article views the next thing we’re going to do is move to the ad itself so this part is super easy you’re either going to create one or use an existing post. So if you use an existing post you need to go ahead and post it on your page right that’s the difference between a ghost ad. Which is where you create it versus a on page ad where you actually use an existing post the on page ad is one that people can see on your page if you create the ad in facebook ads manager. They’re not gonna be able to see it on your page Facebook Video Ads.

So you need to ask yourself do we want that organic engagement number one because it’s gonna provide organic engagement number two do. We want this to be an ad that we actually put out to the public that everyone can see all of the time because if not then. You’re going to want to create a ghost at once you created if you select to create a ghost and it’s gonna look simply like this you’re gonna come in you’ll see single Article right here. You’ll select your page that you’re going to place it on you can do the incident experience. If you want but most people aren’t going to just for a simple Article ad basically once they click on the ad it’s gonna open up an entire page experience. 

Where they can see kind of pretty much a landing page on Facebook So you can choose to do that or not it’s kind of up to you for the purposes of this Article though. Since we’re just talking about Article ads were just gonna cover the Article so you can see. We’ve selected a Article on here and it shows up down here right pretty cool now all we have to do is submit all of the information in this section right here so our text is going to be this caption right here so whatever caption that. You create needs to go up here people like to say oh keep them short it really just depends on the Article are you giving a longer form Article or is this going to be a shorter Article not only that but what is the actual objective Facebook Video Ads.

The Article are we trying to get them just to click something to leave a comment or are we trying to drive them to a landing page of some kind right. It’s gonna determine what you should write up here there is no formula to writing captions guys this is all about finding ways to write creative stuff that’s going to entice people to click next. You don’t want to add a button like. If you don’t need them to drive them anywhere and you’re just getting them to watch a Article then you don’t need this website URL. 

But if you’re trying to take them somewhere else off of Facebook you’re gonna want to click add a website URL then you’re just gonna put in your website. So we’ll put in my site for example serial entrepreneur dot Academy So the display link is optional but basically what you need to know is if you have serial entrepreneur dot Academy up here. I can’t go down here and put my key calm right so look. I click off it’s actually not going to let me do that when I click submission like click to submit this Facebook Video Ads.

Actually show it right here just because it’s just the display. I go to submit it it’s actually going to deny me of that ad so you need to put something that’s actually related to your URL that. You’re using all right that’s gonna be down there boom your headline needs to be super enticing you can see on mobile there’s only so many characters that you can put so try to make your entire headline fit like don’t. You don’t want it to do the ellipses and then continue on to where you can’t read it the only other thing. I would say is just make it enticing you know do some kind of question if you can or make a bold statement do something like that the news feed description. 

You’ll want to add if you’re planning on running it on desktop which most of you are because. You’ll see right below the best or what top 5 online business opportunities right there right click to learn more. I can even adda call to action to help this call to action right so click to learn more boom learn more or click learn more to learn more you could even do that right. Then you can actually choose your button just make sure that your button actually lines up with where you’re taking them if you’re taking them to a blog article don’t put SHOP. 

You can see it looks like on mobile boom looks good on mobile looks good on desktop as long as the Article fits that’s pretty much your biggest hurdle that you have to overcome and that you decent copy now. You could do is create several versions of this one ad using different copy and headlines different call to actions here different buttons maybe maybe try a subscribe button something like that but basically guys what you want to do is you just want to make sure that it’s something that these people are going to want to click on. 

Your Article is really what’s going to do more of that then even the copy or the captions okay the captionsin the copy will help using emojis is totally fine as well but just know that this little thumbnail image is really what’s going to help you do the best at your campaign so speaking of thumbnails. If you want to do that all you have to do is click customize Article and then you can see right here we can actually go through and select one of the images that we want to use for our thumbnail. So I could actually make that our thumbnail. I want it and once that’s our thumbnail boom you can come down here and that even looks really really cool as well right. 

We could use that as an ad and this right here is super enticing it’s going to get people to click just because of how cool of a view. It is that’s really all you have to understand for the Articles of it it’s going to start playing automatically but you want something super enticing so that way as they’re scrolling through they start to see oh what the heck is that and they scroll up and then click on it right or it starts automatically playing. Facebook ads are really really great Article ads aren’t even the best way to door necessarily the only way rather to do good Facebook marketing or to perform good Facebook marketing. If you want to learn more about other types of marketing how about check out this Article up here in the top right hand corner on Facebook lead ads. I know you’re gonna love that one too the next thing. 

I want to do is I want to ask you guys a question are you currently using facebook Article ads or not are you using Article at all on Facebook really those are my questions. If you are right yeah I’m using Facebook ads and if you are are you seeing good results with it. You’re not using Facebook Ads also right now below and why haven’t you started using Facebook ads. I’m curious to know those answers make sure to leave em right below this Article so lastly. I want to go through some quick tips that you guys can use while creating your Article Ads that way you get just really a better result number one show Articles. 

That don’t necessarily require sound because that a lot of people keep their sound off on their phones. Because they’re out in public they don’t want to be blasting sound out in the middle of public right so what you should do is consider adding some Article content in there that doesn’t actually require sound or maybe. It has text actions that come across the Article to help with the message of the Article number two is ensure. Your Articles Are on auto play you want to engage multitasking news feed strollers as fast as possible and playing your Articles automatically is the best way to do so to be eligible for auto-pay auto play sorry you need to bid by cost per impression CPM rather than cost per click.

So this is where you’re doing it cost per impression bid versus cost per click you’ll see that in the settings. You’re setting up the Article ad just don’t rush through the setup of the Article and actually read through it on each step. You’ll see where it asks you to set by an impression or cost per click number three is going to be keep your Article length short you don’t really necessarily need to have a 15 minute Article every single Article now that doesn’t mean that a 15 minute Article Isn’t going to work but the majority of the time. You’re gonna want to use Articles that are anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 seconds long somewhere between there’s usually a good medium and then when you need longer form. Articles you can incorporate those as well number four is looking at the analytics and data for your Articles. 

If people aren’t watching a Article if the average view 3 rate is like four seconds on a 30 second Article it’s probably not doing a good job at the very beginning of the Article expressing. You’re trying to give to those people and giving the call to action to take to make sure that they engage or stay watching the Article longer so just make sure that you’re looking at the data on your Articles to determine. You should keep running that Article or not but those are my tips that’s how to set up a Facebook Article ad simply and effectively if you have any questions about setting up Article ads please make sure to leave them right below this Article.

We will make sure to get answers to you also if you want to see more on Facebook ads and marketing but I Need you to do me a favor and hit the thumbs up button. We get a hundred thumbs ups I will make sure to make more Articles on Facebook ads but if I don’t see a hundred thumbs up on this Article it lets me know that you guys aren’t interested so we probably will look at other types of Articles later on but that’s it for today’s Article like. I said in the beginning since you stayed till the end all you have to do is check out this Article on the top right hand corner on how to make your Facebook ads actually convert step by step. 


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