10 ways to promote Clickbank products for free. What’s going on everyone Attan here and in Todays video I’m going to show you how you can promote Clickbank products for free andI’m actually gonna share with you ten different ways.  so I’m gonna share with you ten different ways here on how to promote Clickbank products for free I’m gonna show you some tips and insights also regarding these ten different ways so it is very important it is related to affiliate marketing make money online work from home opportunities.

A lot more you’re going to find a link at the top and in the description, below and if you’re interested in making a full time passive income online build a real long-term sustainable online business. But for now let’s get started to see these ten different ways on how to promote Clickbank products for free let’s go alright guys.

I’m not gonna bow you here on how to create an account on how to find offers. Because I have done it in the past so you can just go and search for it on my channel here to find out. How to find products if you don’t already know that so, we’re going to focus on the traffic methods here. I’m Just gonna pick something and let’s say for example: that you get these custom to diet you just grab a link here and you are ready to promote it more or less now it is great to take advantage the affiliate section here so you can see.

I open up the custom to diets affiliate resources they do have anything from lead magnets landing pages videos articles. It’s a great way to actually take advantage of all this material on the different ways. I’m gonna share with you here now if you want you can actually go to bitly this is a link shorten-er you can see this is a long link and you can grab a shortened link and you can also have some kind of tracking and see how many people click through that link.

So this is a free way to do it to get started with okay let’s move on to the first thing and that is to create a free blogger blog you can go to blogger.com or blogspot.com. It is the exact same thing and it is owned by Google so if you like to blog this is a great way. But if you find it hard in the beginning it’s so easy if you take advantage of the material. I said earlier here rewrite it a little bit so it is a unique content take advantage of it and get started to post the more you post the better because then the blog is going to be ranked higher and you’re going to get some free traffic from Google another way you can do. 

ways to promote Clickbank products

It is actually go to wordpress.com this is WordPress free blogging platform wordpress.com and you can see here. This is also my I’M tips blog this is what I post I actually do posts more or less only the videos. I upload here on this channel but of course you can do it the same way. Now if you have videos you can embed them and write articles it’s a great combination and it’s actually a great platform to get some free traffic also from Google it helps a lot in ranking. What you can do is you can actually do both platforms if you want to also both blogger and WordPress and you can link from one platform to the other that’s a great way.

Easy ways to promote Clickbank products

Let’s move on to another thing here to promote Clickbank products for free. If I just type classified ads you can find a lot of sites but free classified ads like, this this is the free ad forum there is so many people that post here and people come here and search actually so you can see here. Just typed earlier work from home and I just find an offer here so basically you use an image. If you can you can have your subject your title here and of course you can type in a little bit of a copy you can grab from the article actually from the article section and use your link here okay visit our website.

Bangla Shayari

So if I click this I will probably be redirected straight to john christow nice offer here. So you’re going to do the exact same thing and there’s actually more than just this the free ad forum there is more just go to google and type free classified forums. You’re going to find a lot of these another way you can do free marketing promotion Clickbank products is actually go to Cora Cora is fantastic has a lot of activities and a lot of people are seeing great results by promoting products.

I just typed here how to lose weight and you can see here that there is people that come here all the time look at these for example. I want to lose weight but I won’t give up onwhite rice and potato how should I lose weight so what you’re going to do here is you’re going to go inside and you’re going to reply and say for example the products have you actually tried Quito. Quito is very popular you’re going to don’t you can skip the rice and potatoes you don’t want you can use something instead of rice or potato or whatever.

I’m not going to go into details here I don’t know how about Quito. But it would take too much of the time here so this could be a great way actually and you’re going to post there and people are going to accept it. I Found this product to be very useful for me blah blah blah and so on there’s definitely a great way to get started with Quora. We have Pinterest this is also something that works as a search engine actually people come here the search for weight loss tips or to diet tips or whatever it’s going to be it doesn’t work for all the niches but definitely for weight loss. 

I know it’s a very popular one so you can just go ahead and create your pins they’re put in a small text or whatever it’s going to be and of course your link there okay just do your research here and see. What works keep in mind that Pinterest is– actually wants you to have the rule affiliate link in there so do your research on that. But they want actually if I remember right unless they’ve changed it recently they want to have the raw affiliate link so keep that in mind okay. I do get some cool traffic actually but here I don’t work so much on Pinterest it is more actually to get some traffic.

Let’s move on to something else here and that is Instagram now this is also something that is very popular. So how you can promote here is you can use something like link tree you can see your link tree. This is how it looks because you’re only allowed to have one link on Instagram. But here you have the opportunity to promote more things offers videos or whatever you want okay and of course one of these should be your Clickbank offers so basically you can see here.

I just go to motivational quotes for example this is something that is very popular on Instagram and you can just create a page here you can Jeff you can definitely generate. Some buzz here real quick okay all you have to do is just get story to follow someone that has similar material like you. They’re going to follow you back and people if you you thinking. They’re going to see you and follow you real quick here so I think you know the concept here. I’m not gonna bore you with this one either so this is a great way actually to get started to promote Clickbank products for free. 

Now let’s move on to something else here that is very very hot right now and that is tick tock if you think that it’s only for teenagers then I can guarantee you that you are definitely wrong. I started recently here and you can see, I already have 955 followers and look at this I have 10,000 views 8,000 views so you can get some serious traffic here now of course you need to have thousand followers to have yourlink in the bio but if not you can do is a smart promotion like this. 

I did here because you want to start an online business for free but you don’t know how. I’m sorry want to start an online business but you don’t know how you can see here that this is a short 15-second video just go to this link so people will have to type it manually. You can actually you allowed to have your Instagram link so that is a good combination. You can have your Instagram Link in the bio there so comments just say that go to my Instagram profile and check out the link in my bio and you are done with that otherwise. 

You can go ahead and actually do a link promotion there put your bitly link if you want to but definitely something. You should take advantage of right now it is super hot look at these two thousand three thousand years. I’m getting crazy traffic okay we have something here fourteen thousand nine hundred. So it is superhot right now with tick tock okay take advantage of it definitely worth to give it a shot alright Facebook promotion is also something.

You can do for free this is a group earn extra income online but you can just go and search for depending on the nature if it is weight loss for example search for weight loss groups look at this. We have two hundred and eighteen thousand members here that we can promote to what you need to do here on these groups is promote smart and by promoting smart. I mean just to give youa quick example. I just found a way that I lost without feeling hungry XYZ pounds. 

You want to know just type pounds in the comment section below because then people are going to be active and they are interested incurious and of course. They’re going to post it below and you’re going to reply to them with private message so you’re going to have a much better response by doing it instead of just posting the link here. Because no one’s going to careall right so keep that in mind but it’s a very good way actually to promote in facebook groups for free now forums is something. That a lot of people have forgotten lately but you can still get some good and serious traffic by going on forums depending on the niche here. 

I just typed forums for weight loss here the first one you can see here weight loss fitness calm weight – loss dot fitness calm you can see here that they do have a lot of people that are active here a lot of activity so how it works is that you are going to create an account or a profile you going inside here. It works the same way by looking at what people are searching for and you’re going to answer you’re going to provide value and after that. I don’t know what is allowed and not on this forum but if it is allowed you can have your link there otherwise you can private message people. 

Google you can have your video shown in bothYouTube and Google layer when people search for something. I’m not going to go into details here it would take up too much of the time but it is a fantastic way actually to promote these days and you don’t even have to be in the front of the camera. If you don’t want to ok you can just speak there is also software’s so you don’t have to speak if you want to create any kind of videos with slides or whatever it doesn’t matter as long.

You get out the information and provide value and people will accept it and of course you’re going to leave a link in the description so people can click on that and purchase your products that you’re going to promote there now. I Would actually I’m going to mention it here now. I did a video recently aboutClickbank affiliate marketing where. I show you exactly on how I earned a thousand dollars over thousand dollars here. I’m all about the email marketing okay it’s not free. 

I know it but you should consider to do this as soon as possible because with the free strategy by sending it straight to the affiliate offers you have only one shot keep that in mind. But here you have a lot of shots because people are opting in and you can promote again and again provide value come connect with your subscribers and a lot more of course. If you go for a paid traffic source which are sharing that video which is traffic blade air it would be even better so but it’s a great way to get started with at least get store there to create your landing page.

I shared also in that video where you can actually go ahead and create a free account 14-day trials for your landing page there the results of 30 day trial with Aweber com have a look at this video. You want to get started with serious online business marketing actually you can get started for free at least the first 14 days there now the free traffic section here that. I share with you all these methods are great but they take time and time is money so consider that also alright so there you have it on these ten different ways on how to promote Clickbankproducts for free.


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