The 7 Secrets Most Advanced seo and then you’re like okay dude what’s next because. I didn’t see anything advanced origami-changing some other people get on my nerves because either you feel like. They are holding back or they’re not telling you both sides of the coin and the most obvious at Google get your official communication people who talk, the Google‘s, this is what they tell you: build the best website and the rest will follow okay how do. I build the best website well you gotta produce amazing content okay how do. I produce amazing content well you gotta be the best at what you can be okay if you do not promote the content it will not work Whatever… oh you see it? Do you see it it’s war my friend, it’s war, this fly has been sent by the evil aliens to prevent me from telling you the truth. I’m ready this has been going on all night it is 10:30 and I got it I think I need a bigger weapon Hold on Did I get it I didn’t get it, damn. Even if you are not interested in digital marketing just watch until the end to see if I win, I hear it flying. is it politically correct to kill flies, not sure , I might get in troubles for this again So yeah, those people. I mean, before they work for Google not one was able to pour a single piece of content that deserves to be a to be worth it Danny Sullivan maybe but the others where’s the track record like How did they prove that they can build an awesome website that deserves to get links without getting them in one way or another. 


I don’t know, actually yeah. I do know they never were able to do it, period. The list could go on forever about all the frustration and all, it doesn’t matter this is all about to change today let’s see how a marketer who started his career in 1994 can do something a little different For years. I wanted to take on this challenge people  that know me are like Okay he’s doing it, he’s going for it and it’s not about proving anybody anything it’s about not having regrets if I don’t do this I’m gonna regret it so even if you will tell me if wow you’re crazy well it doesn’t matter and enjoy it before. I change my mind so let me explain how can. I teach you the high level mindset meta stuff and in the meantime show you the work deep down in the dirt high-level tactical stuff, how do I do that, how can I talk the walk and walk the talk at the same time here is my solution On the SEO Conspiracy podcast you are listening to it right now I’m going to deploy.

I’m gonna explain step by step the most advanced digital marketing and SEO tutorial in the world it’s gonna last one year minimum it’s a one to five year plan and we’re gonna go break down every single step one by one. I gave out the whole SEO, Semantic SEO layer before it was the two hour long video. I said that I compressed 15 hours of teaching into this two hours it’s short and long at the same time and now we gonna go deep we’re gonna go we’re gonna go wide. we’re gonna do the whole nine yard Some people, some amazing, very skilled content marketer are going to explain to you the best operation ever the most amazing, the most creative,  the campaign that you are like. I wish I did that and at the other end of the spectrum you will have a black hat seo who has that amazing fascinating trick to rank first on payday loans in less than 30 days No, you can’t do that but you know.

Most Advanced SEO Technic

I heard a fly and in between like both ends of the spectrum there are an infinity shades of grey what? I’m about to do is bridge the gap, connect both end. I don’t know maybe you know but do you know people who first, are able to connect the high-class high-flying high-level top 0.001 percent of the best of the best content creators with the safest black hat SEO technique for link building. I don’t know anyone, actually, I do know a couple of people but they’re not talking. They will not share it this is, did you see the fly passing behind me, did you see it or no let me say it again. I don’t see anyone going from the high-class top content that deserves to get noticed. It does exist but you do have to frame you do have to to do some promotion it’s not just you published and poof everybody gets interested That’s a lie and then black hat seo is not illegal it’s not against the law, Google guidelines is not the law and even if you get caught. I have the solution Manual penalty for links is not the end of the world, less than 7 days to get out of it. I started in marketing in the early 90s, 1994 out of college in New York but even in college I did some internship at Cartier the French luxury goods company in the headquarters in New York so I officially started in 1990 even in college because. I was also an entrepreneur I was doing business first time. I understood the law of offer and demand: students wanna party? Well, some people have to organize the parties. I didn’t matter if other students were organizing the party. 

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I was like okay I’m gonna do it different in 2004 I got into SEO and studied from the black hat side. I have no shame, I can admit it because I’m a search engine hacker, search engine hacker is different than the black hat who just takes on somebody else’s findings and uses it to make money. I’m about to crack the code, I’m about to go inside the matrix and figure out what does Google want it took me exactly three months of working 20 hours a day seven days a week during SEO contests and I got it. I got it, I know what and how to feed the beast. I know what does Google want and since then I’ve been reversing it, not reversing it. I’ve been reinforcing this SEO layer and I was the first one the first to talk about Semantic SEO, it was 2012. When I explained my theory my strategy of what I call the Topical Mesh in English.     

Cocon Sémantique in French that’s the official starting point of what was for the time, pretty groundbreaking and it did become the number one strategy in France, it becomes the best practice it became an idea unbelievable and I did give it out for free in 2012. So I do know what I’m getting into a little bit okay .I’m not going into blind. I don’t know what’s gonna come out of it, all I know is it’s gonna be good and positive and maybe it won’t work maybe. I’ll fail, maybe I’ll quit but that’s okay , you can fail, it’s allowed, especially in SEO After Google I moved on into YouTube, then Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram it’s all the same thing Twitch, TikTok, yeah I figured it out, I can see what other people’s don’t see I understand it it takes a lot of time, tens of thousands of hours but I got it.

I know also that it’s not all for the better. I’m aware that any platform comes out with a great spirit of doing something good and then about one and a half year later, a marketer is coming and it becomes different, to just stay polite on a nice side. If it’s not illegal it’s legal in marketing all you have is as a judge, can you look at yourself in the mirror are you okay with what you’re doing and my value, my life, my career has been about being truthful for the worst and for the better sometimes it took me down some rabbit hole that. I wish I didn’t go after this this channel, SEO conspiracy, the idea originated about myth-busting telling our truth, the truth about all those urban legends about all those lines about all those myth that carry on year after year in SEO and people are making insane amount of money when lies things that don’t exist like domain authority okay it does not exist watch the second video that came out of SEO conspiracy. we debunk domain authority and we’re going after every single myth one by one. 

I’m doing here is different whatI’m doing here is about providing value. I’m about to take on a very difficult challenge but if I don’t do it I’m will regret it. I know let’s get out of the way what do. I sell I will not monetize directly with ads,online courses, whatever it is. I don’t have anything against that, the short-term gain. I’ve been doing it since 2004 I just don’t want to do it here this is not what it is about. I do have a couple of tools to sell, you can hire me as an SEO consultant but besides that there is no hidden agenda in marketing some people sell dreams,  Other make you dream Guess where do. I belong What I’ve been doing my entire career is giving without asking anything back and it works. I don’t know what’s gonna come out of it. I know is that if I go to the end it’s gonna work something good is gonna come out. what? 

I don’t know and I don’t even know if I’m gonna succeed. I might fail I might quit watch me. I am the best at figuring out how to match offer and demand. I am the best, completing full circle using all the tools we have at our disposal technical, content, popularity, on page, in-site, off-page, off-site. I can tell you that my thing works, my solution does work. I have the track record to prove it however. I’m not gonna show you clients testimonials. I’m not gonna show you analytics charts and I will not show you my bank account what I’m about to teach you is not the siloing or topical clustering, whatever no, it’s a complete strategy from content marketing to black hat SEO. I build a strong SEO layer that we integrate into content marketing and then we put a twist the icing on the cake with a very smart very qualified and not risky at all black hat SEO strategy and it’s up to you. I’m gonna give you all the tools, all the assets you need, the skills to achieve, the best results no question mark left the only question mark is do you have the means, is it worth it to go after that keyword do you have the resources, time and/or money but other than that, the mechanics is really obvious. 

I figured it out, it’s not hard, it is hard okay you can’t pretend to be first on a very competitive keyword without doing anything if you don’t have time and/or money. I can’t help you and nobody can. I hope you know that the best ideas don’t do anything action is required the worst enemy of SEO the worst enemy of digital marketing is not doing anything but if you have the plan if you know. If you can grab on the rails that I’m gonna give you to go get results and if you are better than the other ones meaning if you can steal me instead of just copying what I do and if you can absorb the knowledge and do it, make it your own, that’s even better. I want you to spy on me, I want you to steal me. 

I talk the walk and I walk the talk in the meantime Reason why it works is that it’s been since 2004, then 2007. I started thinking about it 2004, then applied 2007 then gave it out for free to the world in 2012 but sorry it was in French my mistake nobody is perfect and a hundred thousands of people applied it because. I give it out and I say do whatever you want then some developers raised the fingers and said Hey, we understand what you’re doing we like it,let me help out and we built some amazing tools we have the most advanced semantic analysis tools in the world, for sure Why? we’ve been so far ahead since 2012 who was talking about Semantic SEO besides me in 2012. So I try to break it down into very simple steps you can follow even if it comes from very complex scientific not very complex but still there are algorithms and scientific papers and patents. 

I had to read all of them number two that strategy is complete. When I released it in 2012 yeah maybe it was just about Google SEO today no it’s about 360, the game of search. I only do that ok I only do search but search happen all over the place. I don’t care if it’s on YouTube, Facebook on Tik-Tok and some platforms more or less searchable. Twitch isn’t the best for search but I still figured out a hack, nobody is saying about how to go on twitch and it’s right in front of everybody but nobody does it and nobody talks about it and I don’t know why I just I’m trying. I’ve hacked Google, then YouTube then Facebook then Twitter & Instagram and none of them figured it out. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m not saying but I know how and what to feed Google search engines and any social media platforms. I can explain to you the mechanics. I can explain to you how it works the only question mark left is do you have the means, do you have time and/or money and also maybe are you creative are you good enough that’s also maybe a question mark but not that relevant actually because even if you are not the most creative person on earth you can still achieve success. 

It will work and you will find your public My strategy is also very interesting because everybody can do it even if you won’t do the blackhat SEO even if you don’t do the content marketing even if you just do the Topical Mesh, the best semantic SEOlayer in in the world you will win, you will get results. Now I’m giving you the formula 1 the best of the best for you to rank on the top keywords on the most competitive keywords to win the game of attention, to also become an authority in your industry to get to work on word-of-mouth meaning that you work on popularity, notoriety and authority that’s what. I call the traffic in 3/3 and I like my pie to be 3/3 almost equal and that requires to get out of just the SEO in itself, you need to do everything around SEO if you want to build Authority meaning if you want to build a brand that. People are going to type the name of the website in Google or in the address bar and notoriety is not about getting links for Page. Rank it’s about getting high value qualified traffic and you will all not impact the popularity meaning the part of organic search in your traffic pie do you have a traffic pie that looks like perfect 3/3 or not? Everybody sucks myself. I sucked I’ve known how to do a proper job since the beginning why do a good job ifit works by doing half of the quarter of what is required and old school SEO is easy title tag and backlinks lots of backlinks that’s it it was all about backlinks now it’s not just about SEO on Google and especially Google the computer version what about mobile what about voice what about the whole ecosystem around you. 

So everybody can do it it’s for everyone and maybe you won’t apply it right now but you will understand and it’s gonna click one day you’ll figure out and hopefully you remember me that day that’s the only thing. I’m selling right now and the last part is the lastasset of my strategy is me yes. I believe that not only I was good at crafting at integrating the whole strategy but also I really worked and I really improved on the way. I’m teaching and the way. I explain things oh did you see it, did you see it, did you see the fly, this fly has been ruining my night oh. I see it, come on fly, where are you every time I stand up it’s hiding if the fly is still alive at the end of this video. I will spare its life I’ll be the one jumping out of the window let’s get back to business listen even. I was the dumbest marketer in the world. I’ve been doing this for 30 years, 1994 as marketer, 2004 as digital marketer and I’m still standing going strong even. I was like the worst doing it for so long, don’t you think I figured out a couple of things. 

I might have a couple of things to teach you don’t you think just watch and learn, watch and learn on two levels One, SEOconspiracy over here on the podcast, audio, video, text, image, the whole content marketing strategy. I will deploy I will explain step by step 52 episodes, one year of content, once a week, the Topical Mesh, the most advanced digital marketing strategy with the most advanced SEO tutorial in the world both in one then you will have to go to and subscribe to the newsletter because in real-time I will document my journey into applying what. I preach in real time you can observe you’re welcome to spy on me doing the actual work. You are watching one layer which is the part of the content marketing strategy, the SEO layer hasn’t started and you understand. 

Why I need a little bit of preparation so we’re not starting to work today. I’m just setting up, framing the concept and letting you know where you need to go if you want to watch me it’s going down in the newsletter by email for a couple of very like real reasons number one to document in real time and also to do some screen share is not possible on SEOconspiracy because this is also an audio podcast and every time I show something on screen. I need to make sure that it’s 100% understandable in the audio version and also once you understand my whole strategy you will know why. I can’t do it in real time or I just have to do this and in order for me to do this for free. I do have to do some work also on the side. I would love to do it, full time playing on YouTube and so on but not possible and emails also, I like the intimacy. 

I like this moment we’re gonna spend together where. I’m gonna disclose everything, nothing to hide, I will show step by step what. I do so one level, everything you need to know and to do about the strategy and level two by email week after week. I will tell  you step by step what I do and you’ll be invited to watch even if you come in way after the launch date, you will still start from day one via emailing the whole scenario you’re not gonna jump in on week 48 not knowing where does that come from but of course it’s more interesting if you start from the beginning. When I start because you’ll be able to follow my process and actually do it in the meantime if you do activate it in the same time than me and you do the work step by step at the same time than me that would be wonderful that would be the most amazing thing because it does work and I know, I’m pretty confident that. I will win but I can totally fail and I can totally quit, it can totally not work. I’m taking a big risk and freestyling here, I’m holding anything back Not doing the way I would do it usually meaning. 

I would be prepared way in advance but not real time like I’m about to do right now so it’s pretty nuts. I don’t know any if you’ve heard of somebody doing it please share , please let me know again going from both end of the spectrum high-class content marketing to very sophisticated very safe black hat SEO who is doing that who is bridging the gap and willing to share openly no BS no like pretending. I’m gonna tell it like it is and watch the other videos well. I’ll tell you everything another very important thing you need to learn about me is I don’t copy, don’t step on anybody. I’ve built my thing a lot of people copied me a lot of people stepped on me but as far as. 

I know I didn’t take anybody’s stuff and that’s very important that you understand that. I’m not here to get anybody and I don’t even need to prove tha.t I’m better than those others most advanced SEO digital marketing tutorials whatever they do it doesn’t matter what matters is what we’re going to do together. I think it’s gonna be cool because I’m excited and when I get into that state it usually is a good sign when I’m about to do something like this and I’m excited about it. I also have the skills to empower people. I have been teaching for such a long time. I have been consulting since 2004 really into digital marketing and I got better. I improved on how I teach even with my broken English it won’t be a problem. I can still be sure. I’ve been teaching it for the past ten years numerous times every day every day everyday for ten years this Topical Mesh, 

My strategy of semantic SEO integrated into content marketing and a black hat SEO layer on top of it furthermore what I’m about to do is way beyond anything. I’ve taught to my students or to my clients way beyond because we don’t need to do the entire thing like 360 even some people will apply like 10/15/20% and it’s already great but the 100% I give you. I give them, is already huge but it’s not the 100% that. I’m about to give out for free okay it’s probably 1/4, 1/3 of the complete package and the program I prepared is one round,52 videos, 52 podcast one year and then round two. We’re gonna go dig deeper in certain elements we’re building a big wall and each brick is more or less dense, more or less also interesting to cover and the most interesting bricks on year 2, 3, 4, 5. 

I want to go back and dig deeper deeper deeper and things change maybe twitch will not be there anymore. Google will have failed maybe. I don’t know, we don’t know that’s the way it works on the Internet it’s blazing, fast lightning speed if you don’t know how to adapt you die a good SEO is like a cockroach. It will never die we can survive a nuclear war and that’s also something. I want to teach you, how to be resourceful, how to never give up that’s the quality number one if there is one mindset that you need to work on is never giving up a good SEO, a great SEO never gives up ever of course my flow is not for everyone of course my style is not for everyone, you might not like French people who look like a bad boy with a hat and beard and it’s ok it’s ok there is enough all over the place for everyone everything. 

I will say will make sense. I’ve been teaching it for a long time, ten years is a long time teaching the same thing over and over and of course that thing evolved what. I thought in 2012 the main spirit and the main concept is still the same nothing has changed and nothing will change ever it’s engraved in marble. I’m good at  taking out this question mark of how to achieve results I’m really good at it and I lay the past to. I was going to say victory, and that’s what it’s all about and your victory your level of ambition might not be mine it’s ok our two keywords might be different our  industry might be different, everything is different and that’s the beauty of. It being able to give you an overall global strategy that works for everyone regardless of your money regardless of your skills regardless of your website it works it does work if you apply it and you bring it up to your level that’s the only thing. I’m going for the big one. I’m gonna lay out the strategy to be the number one the authority on the most competitive the most challenging topics and then it’s up to you to bring it down a notch or a ball to tell me okay. I can level up on what you said. 

I’ll be very happy my world is search. I do search only search and I’m all about search, paid, organic, on social media, on YouTube on Google, wherever in real life if people search. I want to be there and search is the best out of all the pipelines and of the entire game of winning the attention of your potential customer search is the best for one single little detail which is called intent. user intent. if people search there are in a way different mindset then if you are there hanging out on Facebook or watching videos on YouTube people search on YouTube and people search on Facebook so but you understand what. I mean if you are on in search mode you are already into the information not conversion, information funnel where you spend 60% of the time gathering information 30% of the time. You’re evaluating comparing and only 10% of the time you are into conversion. 

Everybody fights in those 10% some people pretend to be doing, to being helpful and not bad. They’re still they want to sell they pretend to but they’re not genuinely giving everything without asking anything back because they called it the conversion funnel. If you call it the information funnel and if you understand that 90% percent of it is not about making the sale it’s about helping out, it’s about bringing answer to questions, it’s about giving solutions to problems and guess what once you go down to the 10% where you get into the conversion funnel if you were helpful all the way during the 90% of the time while that person is interested in the buy situation well. I think you got a big advantage of all the other ones who are just playing  the supposedly game of attention but they are just into selling so it’s a very different mindset. If you are just about converting buy or leave because that’s what ecommerce and a lot of way to sell on the Internet is just you buy or you leave no other option. binary. I think there is a third and a fourth and a fact there is so many different levels of engagement that you can do if you are a little bit creative if you believe a little bit that it’s not binary and it’s not just buy or leave and come back eventually when you want to buy again. I saw it the fly, the fly is back my friend, war is upon us, I might get in trouble for killing a fly on a social media I don’t know if you’re allowed to do that. I don’t hear the fly anymore. 


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