I just want to bang out some content say I’m away from the office say I just need to freshen up a site I use a lot of the time spin botor articles spinner which is going to be the last option in the free so I hopeyou enjoyed this video if you have questions leave them in the commentsit’s just not waste any time so let’s kick it off with our paid optionsstarting it off with chimp rewriter now chimp rewriter I have used um I wouldnot say that it’s going to be the absolute best option but it is mostcertainly an option this is called a Chimp Rewriter it’s a hundred dollars ayear or $15 a month in my opinion it’s it’s okay but I feel that that’s reallyexpensive I personally have a custom solution and I also have a paid solutionthat I have but it’s not a monthly retainer it’s something that is near anddear to my heart now let’s move on to article forge now article forge ahthey used it advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning article.

Forge writes completely unique on topic high-quality articlesand that’s what it says right here now article forge is an option for you Ihave used them again in my opinion along the pricey side because at the end ofthe day I prefer a manual spin over using a tool so if you haven’t heard ofarticle forge it is a good solution I have heard great things about itpersonally I think it’s just as good as some of the other options that are a lotcheaper so let’s go ahead and move on to spin rewriter now spin rewriter they hadfor a small period of time a small group it was a much bolder version as when Iused it I personally was not very impressed with this particular toolhowever it has made the list for today it is an option I believe that it’srelatively inexpensive compared to other options um and with that being said it’san OK tool but not the best on the list in my opinion now again I’m notaffiliated with these companies I’m not recommending any of these particular SEOtools to use for your article spinning I just want to walk you through some ofyour options so let’s go ahead and move on to clever spinner now clever spinneris a tool that I personally have I’m not saying that you should use it I enjoy itI like it I think it’s a good tool this is clever spinner it’s absolutely outthere you can check it out for yourself now this is the best spinner againanother tool that I had a version of in the pastunfortunately .

I moved over to clever and the manual spin but the best spinner iscertainly a good option um for the price it is good um and thisis yet another option for your article spinning now let’s move into spinnerchief this has been around for a long time I believe what what number are they on … Version 6 so spinner chief is whatI actually started with, so spinner chief is an excellent option they have ahuge thesaurus online it’s absolutely wonderful I like it I have used it Ican’t recommend it because I’m not recommending anything but I feel that itwas absolutely a good option now let’s go ahead and move on to contentprofessor now content professor um actually was recommended I personallyhave not used this but some good close friends of mine that spin a lot ofcontent that run a lot of networks they use this tool and that’s the onlyreason why it has came up on my radar they like it um so I’m showing it to youmaybe you can try it out for up a membership of some sorts or howevertheir pricing is arranged but give it a try if it’s something that you likeplease let me know in the comments below now what did I is known by absolutelyevery one word AI has been around for a little bit of time people really standby word AI but in my opinion for the amount of funding that it takes to usethis tool in my opinion it’s simply not worth it.

But I have heard nothing butgreat results from it I have tested it out I think that it’s good but there arecomparable tools to it that are just as good for a lower price point now movingon to some of our free options we’re gonna kick it off with spin by and ifyou stick with me until the end if you’ve made it this far I will give mytwo recommendations one on not a recommendation but I’ll tell you what Iuse currently for free and I’ll tell you the one that I have used and I haveinstalled on this computer at this time which I’ve already said so spit but thisis a free option if you haven’t used it give it a try my little guy is having aball right here playing with this toy so spin but a certain wonderful option goahead and give it a try we’re gonna move right into our next free version whichis called the best free spinner I’ve used it it’s pretty much the same if youstick with me I’ll let you know what I think is the best free tool at the veryend now moving on to SEO tool station again this is a free tool if you havenot tried it out go ahead please have a try will move us right into the pre postSEO article writer this is a pretty good option I’ve used it a lot of timefour-tiered out content that I was in a hurry before I made the investment toget the current tool that I have today moving on to article spinner best thistool I mean this is one of the ones I believe that I found right in the verybeginning so if you haven’t used it give it a try on on pointing all of these outso you can try them for yourselves and see what works best and is the fastestfor you so let’s go ahead and move on small SEO tools I’m sure everybody thathas done SEO has used one of their tool sets or most of their tool sets thistool is pretty straightforward it works very good it’s definitely up there inranks there is the next tool.

which we’re gonna move into right now which iscalled free – article – spinner ah this one I really like I’ve used this a lotof times it’s super simple super fast and it’s certainly a good optionso articles spinning I just left off with article spinning is a writingtechnique used for SEO this was the Wiki article that I brought up my nameis Chris Palmer if you have any questions regarding SEO, local SEO,article spinning the best spinner I mean really anything at all please leave itin the comments below and I look forward to seeing you in the next SEO articlespinning video have a wonderful day. article spinning best article spinning software


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