There are several tools that you can use for Instagram marketing that are really great forgetting results and understanding really what’s happening with your Instagram account today we’re going to go through about ten of them so make sure you repaying attention. I’m gonna go ahead and hop over to my screen now and we’ll show you guys exactly. I’m talking about alright guys so before we get going into these apps really quick you can see. I have them all pretty much up here.  I wanted to go into this video right here Facebook marketing from beginner to advanced we’ve started asking for you guys to leave comments at the end of every video and basically just letting us know what you learned today we’re gonna give three free months of the mentorship program away to Sebastian original.

Basically all he said was the most important thing. I took from this video is planning things beforehand it makes your campaign more efficient and everything is clear from the means to the goals thanks for the great video content Jordan so congratulations Sebastian you are the winner for that comment and guys make sure you stay tuned to the end of this video so that way. you can do the exact same thing alright so the first thing we want to talk about for Instagram is an easy scheduler and you have a few options. we’re going to discuss here really quickly and I want to preface with this Hoot Suite and sprout social are the first super gonna talk about for scheduling and monitoring Instagram the issue with both of these is that you can’t monitor your comments here so you will need to go to business manager to manage any mints that happen on Instagram directly and you can see them all in one place and respond even right there alright but as far as scheduling things you also cannot schedule automatically meaning. I can schedule these inside of Hoot Suite and sprout social but when it goes comes time to upload the post what it’s actually gonna do is ping you on your phone and then you actually have to go in and manually upload those things. so just be aware of that ahead of time a lot of people don’t understand they look for something automated and again Hoot Suite is great for this you can see we have our posts we schedule them here and then my scheduler actually gets the notification on their phone sprout social is the same style of platform we’ve used this before. I just have always pretty much been on Hoot Suite. So I know it and understand it a little better we use sprout social more for looking at Instagram analytics if we needed something like that to make quick reports because it does allow you to make really quick reports.

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It is more expensive as far as using the platform compared to HootSuite that’s why we also prefer HootSuite but if you’re looking for something that does really cool branded reports this might be the option. You want to go with but again asfar as scheduling is concerned you’re not going to be able to schedule it directly from here and not have to do anything else you will have to get that notification and then upload it manually now your other option is this tool called Rambler and gambler is something you can actually download to your computer. I can schedule these posts by clicking the right here. I can drop the image in and then all crop and shape. I’ll apply filters if I want to and send it right the caption and send it to schedule all right so there is a stipulation with this if you do want to use gramblr and you don’t want to have to get a notification to upload the post you want it to just do it automatically grambler will do that but you have to leave your computer on if you shut your computer off or if it goes into sleep mode it’s not gonna post it for you automatically but grambler does allow you to schedule and post things automatically. It’s the only thing I’ve actually been able to find where it doesn’t require you to get some other notification. 

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So check out those three tools those are the what best ones for scheduling so the next thing we’re actually going to talk about here is analytics right you want to know where stuff is happening at on Instagram right so the first one. I’m going to talk about is analytics because. I usually don’t even use the other ones that I’m gonna talk about because we just use Google Analytics for pretty much all of our data but if you wanted again something more visually appealing the other platforms will be better for that so Instagram stories you can see here you can see Instagram actual like posts right there or traffic from Instagram traffic from Instagram story so it’s broken apart there right that’s why Google Analytics is great you can actually see your Facebook stuff toLinkedIn Pinterest pocket you know all there’s several others we there’s actually five others exactly but that’s where our traffic is being driven from you can see right there now. I go over to the other ones which are going to be number one like. I mentioned HootSuite has analytics that you can view and you can see what the data looks like for your HootSuite from HootSuite and again this is more visually appealing you can actually get this in a PDF and then send this over to your clients makes it very visually appealing right social sprout is gonna be the other one and again they are visually appealing. It’s much easier to look at and understand what’s going on versus looking at google analytics at least for your customers right so it’s kind of up to you. 

Which one you want to use or how you plan to use them that’s why it’s kind of good really to do a combination of both so guys we just went through some things really quickly which platform do you like for scheduling and posting Instagram stories. I want you to leave it in the comments below. I really do want to know which one you guys are using like do use grambler do use HootSuite or do use sprout social which one is the best or do you just go on Instagram and upload them manually that way okay guys so the next tools. we’re gonna talk about are four competitors pine know what we’re going to look at first is something called flanks and flanks gives you an idea of engagement rate right. We have this right here it just basically tells you how often people are engaging or how what percentage of people rather are engaging compared to their total number of followers  this is gonna be good but again you can’t take this 100% for granted just because their engagement rate is low doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good like. It could be better but they also have 87 million followers so to get you know a 10% engagement rate on every post would be very difficult for them to do right so just keep that in mind but this is great for looking at those types of things they also have several other things like you can do Instagram marketing audits you can go to the calculator manager there’s several tools that you can use the flanks. You’ll really enjoy the next one we’re going to talk about is going to be social blade and you can see it pretty much does the same thing it shows their follower growth right it shows the media. 

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It basically shows a few chart basically about their total daily follower growth and then their media uploads right you can see when they’re uploading. They’re not right and so it just gives you basic information here. you can see their uploads their engagement rate again here so really you really only need one tool but some people like to use multiple tools for different things so the next tool we’re going to talk about again this is for competitor spying is a ninja lytx andalso for doing audits and things like that but ninja lytx is pretty much a platform similar to social blade but they offer a few different metrics for you to look at and have some different looking charts. So it just makes it again more visually appealing plus the difference in data right so you can see here all of this different data for Nikes pages right best pose hashtags detailed ninja analysis of their stuff you can actually see what posts they’re posting right so it’s a really cool tool I recommend checking out ninja lytx I Promise you’ll like it. So let’s look at some image tools for Instagram marketing Because a lot of you struggle with creating images or you don’t know where to go to edit images quickly now let me prep this with the fact that if you’re not a graphic designer you’re not gonna be able to do the same type of stuff asa you know a professional graphic designer like. I’m not you can see these are things that I’ve created this doesn’t look like a professional graphic designer made.

It right you can do much better than this you’re gonna need someone who is working on Adobe Photoshop or any of the Apple products that are professional editing products right these are great for quick stuffand for someone. who’s maybe just starting up their agency or something like that. They’re just wanting to get post created that’s great but at the same time if you want something more professional. You are gonna have to hire a graphic designer or learn graphic design yourself which is much easier said than done ok so canva again you can do all kinds of stuff here though it allows you to do it already actually has like for example. I do create design you can see all of the different sizes. It’ll show you like we’re social there we go social media with insert impose story Facebook post Facebook story Facebook cover all of the different sizing’s already done for you so you could always go look it up but you can get the custom sizes already put for you right here and if you needed to you can do custom dimensions of your sizing let’s just show you really quickly what it looks like. I go in to canva it’s very simple very simple and easy to use type of manager you can see we have like texts over here we have backgrounds we can use we have photos or elements we can use here right to put in all of our photo so it makes it very easy to edit things canvas is number one. You don’t know graphic design now if you know graphic design.

Then Adobe Photoshop is probably gonna be the best option for you. You’re wanting to learn graphic design rather Adobe Photoshop is going to be the best option for you but again this is something that you need to spend a lot of time on it’s like becoming a man marketer it doesn’t just happen overnight you do have to actually put in a lot of work to become good at this so kind of up to you what you want to do here but canvas probably gonna be your best option if you’re not a graphic designer so last but not least. We’re gonna go through some miscellaneous style tools these are more for kind of helping you drive more traffic get more engagement get people to sign up through funnels the first one is link tree one of the coolest apps out there in my opinion because the biggest problem with Instagram marketing is you only get one link but one link in your bio well this actually gives you the ability to put several links in your bio because you can see all of these are buttons that when you click my bio link on my Cereal entrepreneur Instagram account it’s actually gonna take you to this page right here. Where you can see starting market start making fifteen thousand dollars plus per month now limited access programs you know and it just gives us several different options that we can give people right here instead of one not to mention even.


 It even shows you the data you know just the lifetime total is 433 just in the past seven days we’ve had three clicks so you know it’s it’s it’s just a useful program for driving traffic to different landing pages the last thing is going to be word swag and this is a phone app as you can see right here it’s downloadable on the App Store and Google Play. So if you’re doing things from your phone really quickly or just need something to do it really quickly while you’re on the go with a client or something like that you just have something sporadic you want to do cool this is really great for that it allows you to add really cool custom fonts. I believe it’s just 100% free so why not use it but that’s it for Instagram marketing tools. I hope that I showed you guys something that you’re going to be able to use and benefit from. I hope I showed you a new tool at least and all you have to do now since you stayed till the end of today’s video if you want to win three months to the mentorship program just leave a comment below this video with anything that you could have learned from today’s lesson. We’ll pick out the winner and give them three months to the program for free but that’s it for this video guys thank you so much for watching. I will see you on the next one.

Until then Cereal entrepreneur app bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work wherever be your own boss lifestyle well. It’s Cereal entrepreneur Academy will teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see in the course in Cereal entrepreneur.


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