I shouldn’t even have to tell you how important it is to be Facebook marketing your business on social media platforms especially Facebook Facebook is the number one social media platform and there are actually 1.5 to billion people that log in on a daily basis these are people who are active every single day so I don’t really need to go any further into why it’s important to be on Facebook really the question you need to ask yourself is Facebook going to be the platform for meis it going to be effective should I run a content approach or should I use an approach does it really matter if I’m posting every day or not so we’re going to talk about some of those questions or really all of those questions in this Article so you have a better understanding of what type of setup or strategy or approach you’re gonna want to take for your Facebook campaigns so PS make sure you stay tuned to the end of today’s Article we’re gonna give you a full training on Facebook ads that you can get outside of this we go even more in depth and how to run your campaigns how to strategize how to set them up so you’re gonna want to make sure you stay tuned to the very end as well and last but not least before we jump right in if you want to get mentorship for digital marketing for starting your own agency for building up that agency we actually have a mentorship program.

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What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna start giving away mentorship programs on every single Article so what I need you to dois at the end of this Article once you’ve finished watching it leave a comment right below just mentioning what you learned from this Article what was your biggest takeaway from this Article so make sure to leave a comment right below thisArticle and we’re gonna select one of the comments the best comment is going to win the digital marketing school mentorship program for three months so make sure to leave that below and we’ll pick a winner and let you guys know who it is okay everyone so the first thing that you’re going to want to actually know about running Facebook pages or running ads anything like that is that you actually want to be using business stop facebook.com as the platform that you login to manage your account okay and the reason.

Why is because this is where all of the backend features and functionality and management really happens marketing agencies people who really know what they’re doing withFacebook first and foremost use the backend manager this is the platform that Facebook built specifically for businesses trying to run Facebook pages so that’s the first thing I want you guys to understand so business.Facebook.com you’ll go ahead and set up your account there and then attach your facebook business page and that’s where you’re actually gonna manage everything now once you get inside business manager there’s a couple of things that you’re going to want to do first and foremost get your page setup properly and what I mean by that is make sure the business name is good if you’re a local business you need to get this gray checkmark we have a Article on getting the gray check mark verification badge. 

Facebook Marketing from Beginner

So go check that out if you don’t know how to get that but you’re gonna want to get your gray badge if you’re a local business that just shows people that you’re a legitimate business it’s gonna help you rank higher in facebook search results so we’ll go over here right here into this about Cereal Entrepreneur section so you wanna number one put something in your story using relevant keywords write digital marketing school Cereal Entrepreneur Building your online work or ever business also you have the About section. 

Where all of the other relevant business information is kept like your phone number your email addresses your address hours of operation anything relevant to your business okay it says what type of category you are the name your hours allof this information needs to be correct and there needs to be something inside the About section your impressive your awards at the very least you don’t have to really get what the founding date if you don’t have products that you’re selling you don’t need it add that stuff in there public transit which basically gives people directions on how to get to your location if you have a restaurant you can add your menu privacy policy all kinds of stuff needs to go in here but the important thing is that you’re putting in your keywords in this About section this is what’s gonna show up when someone does a search onGoogle and they see your facebook business page in the search results it’ll actually show them this description last thing. 

I want to mention about the page is that you actually are posting content that uses your keywords as well so if I were to type in digital marketing school again on Facebook and actually segments it by posts so right here you can see posts that are popular and related to digital marketing school stuff the last thing that I want to mention about this whole page setup an optimization side of things is getting to engage engaging with people who engage with your page when you get engagement Facebook actually recognizes that and that means that the post is performing well so Facebook’s job is to promote posts o’reilly show posts to their viewers that are going to be relevant to them and that they’re going to care about and engage with because that’s ultimatelyFacebook’s job is to provoke engagement but it’s also going to help your organic reach meaning Facebook doesn’t give a lot of posts out to people from business pages why because people didn’t come there to see business posts. 

So the only way your business posts is actually going to appear on someone’s public newsfeed is if they really really care about it meaning they like every post that you already post or if they have seen it through enough organic engagement already happening on the post okay so now that you understand how to setup the page really some of the key components to put on your facebook business page the next thing you need to ask yourself is is it going to be worth it to spend a lot of time with Facebook and that comes down to a series of a few questions the first question you’re gonna want to ask yourself is are you b2b or b2c see a lot of businesses have issues when they’re b2b marketing onFacebook unless you’re like a SAAS company a software-as-a-service or something like that where it’s actually online already the product and service is online but you sell to other businesses it’s gonna be very difficult for you to attract attention so in that case I don’t always recommend and most of the time do not men most b2b style businesses doing a lot of work on Facebook now if you know that you’re a b2c style business.

you need to ask yourself the next question which is are you considered a professional style servicer product or are you in what I call the entertainment or pleasure style services or products or business industry and the way you want to ask yourself that is not based on the actual product itself or the service itself but how it appeals to your market okay so what I mean by that’s if you look at an attorney an attorney services usually aren’t very appealing you can’t create a ton of content about that on a social media platform that’s gonna get a ton of engagement but if you get a really cool salon that’s doing all of these crazy hairstyles like.

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I know you guys have seen Articles of like the hair going on fire and they’re like torching it rightthat is something that’s more visually appealing and even if it isn’t something crazy like fire still girls looking at other hairstyles is more visually appealing than an attorney trying to sit there and get you to buy their services so really the point I’m trying to make is if you are in the professional service arena really what you’re going to want to spend most of your money on with Facebook is going to be ad campaigns and primarily remarketing campaigns you’re not going to run a ton of cold traffic campaigns on Facebook if you have a large budget then you’ll use some of that budget to actually run awareness campaigns like building awareness about your business in the local market but if you don’t have a large budget again you’ll want to stick with just running you know really well-thought-out remarketing campaigns on the other hand if you are in that pleasure or entertainment style category where the product or service.

You’re selling is appealing and so let me give you guys another example a real estate agent even though they are considered more professional as far as their actual service their service and their product that they’re selling is visually appealing the content is appealing to just about anyone right everyone loves a good looking home so they could actually kind of fall in that pleasure or entertainment style category a business okay but we look at things typically like food salons personal trainers and gyms their content is super super appealing or any type of sporting eventor just place that set like a rock climbing facility that would be something cool and visually appealing that we can create a ton of cool content about and run traffic campaigns vine to get people to buy those products and services through more remarketing obviously on Facebook Know that you understand that those two things right is it a b2b or b2c and are you a professional or an entertainment style business the next thing you’re going to want to ask yourself is how large is the audience in your area are you in a large city or a small city you’re in a larger city than you will have a lot better chances of creating decent audiences if you’re in a city of only 20,000 people it’s gonna be pretty difficult for you to create large enough audiences on Facebook to run those campaigns what so that being said you need to make sure that if you are in a smaller area you have a lot of basically engagement happening on the page as well as sending people to your website to create large enough audiences to remarket to now that we understand all of those main concepts let’s talk about running contests running ads actually creating and planning the ads strategy and even a little bit about how to engage and get more comments and really just better quality content for the people that you’re trying to reach okay so the next thing we’re gonna talk about really quickly is contest and the reason why we even want to talk about contests because everybody tries to run a contest on Facebook and a lot of people don’t have success some people do have success. It’s really about the planning of your contest so it comes down to a few things number one is you can do a contest over multiple dates and do multiple small giveaways.

That will ultimately lead to a large group of engagement over a longer period of time so what we did back in December of this year was we did the twelve days of marketing contest and for 12 days we did mini giveaways and we actually had other influencers in the industry give away some of their products and services we had outsourcing giveaways course giveaways training giveaways all kinds of stuff that we gave away all of these people actually became leads in our email sequences later on alright so this is a really effective campaign that generated tons of leads I think we had I think by the time it was done we had over 750 new leads generated from this campaign and we hardly spend any money on advertising if a contest doesn’t work if you’re not getting the results you want from a contest the biggest thing I can tell you is that usually it comes down to the offer you can see there’s nothing special about this Article it’s just me in my office talking kind of rocking back and forth I don’t know why I was rocking it’s basic it was actually kind of the same copy that we use the entire week right but we had tons of engagement so really quickly guys have you run a contest in the past if so what was the contest and did it work did you get the amount of engagement and leads that you were hoping for or did you not if you didn’t why do you think the contest didn’t work out well leave that in the comments below I’d like to help you figure out why okay the next really big topic that we want to talk about is going to be listening and engaging with your audiences not only to get to make sure that your audiences get what they need but also because it’s gonna help you figure out what types of content that you can actually post on your page that people are going to care about I’m gonna go into three tools here really quickly that are gonna help facilitate.

The first tool I want to talk about though is Google Alerts and what I can actually do is I can go in here and Ican type in an alert a keyword so let’s say social media marketing is something that I want to get alerts on right so I can get some preview can see the previews right here and it will actually send me alerts every single day on newtopics coming out about social media marketing so you can see that it’s going to give you information that’s coming out so this is gonna help you do one of two things either one help you find really cool ideas to create new contentor number two find things that you can actually use to create new lead magnets with to attract new customers the next tool is gonna be HootSuite and you guys are probably very familiar with HootSuite but in case you aren’t it allows you to do things like add your facebook business page or Instagram youryour Twitter account all into one platform where you can schedule posts but not only that you can see where people mention you you can see comments that people are leaving on the page post everything that you need to manage asfar as your page can be brought into one location so it makes that part of managing all of the comments and everything in one place a lot easier the last tool I’m gonna talk about is like Eliezer and like Eliezer is a tool to get an idea of how a page is performing overall so you can see Nike but what Ido want to mention guys is that not all of these metrics are 100% so for example like it says unlike Eliezer says that my response rate for serial entrepreneur is only like 55% but if you go over to Facebook you can clearly see that it says we have a 100% response rate right so not all of them are exact but it does give you a general idea of for example how often people are posting what their post length is how many pages have liked your actual page right or how many pages sorry your pages actually went out and light right so it gives general information about a facebook business page and how it’s performing soI recommend checking out these three tools but also we have a list of not only these three tools and explanations that go even more in-depth but if you want to see other tools we actually made a list of ten of these tools.

So if you’re interested in seeing that check out this Article in the top right hand corner and that’ll take you over to show you all of the monitoring tools that you’re gonna want to be aware of the next thing that we actually want to dois start running at here’s the thing guys Facebook is great but if you don’t have your Facebook ads running then you’re really not using the platform to the best of its ability greatest part of Facebook is using their back-end manager the Facebook pixel which is the piece of code that you actually put on your website which allows you to track if people have come from Facebook to your website or if they have a Facebook account and have visited your website you’re able to remarket those people right so you need to have a strong ad strategy but the issue is most people don’t actually create ad campaigns the right way alright and this is getting more into the advanced level of Facebook marketing because everybody knows we need to setup a page we need to have our information there we need to post interesting stuff we need to engage with the people who are engage with our posts and send us messages the more advanced stuff comes into when you want to start running ads on Facebook okay and so the first thing .

you need to start doing is creating your Facebook campaign map alright this is what I call the campaign map and the campaign map shows you exactly what’s gonna happen from cold traffic all the way into consideration stages of the sales funnel and then all the way down through to conversion and even the follow up after conversion sopost purchase follow up alright and so this is what most people do not plan out and it’s why their ad campaigns never really do anything which means that their organic reach isn’t going to increase which means they’re never finding new leads new customers which makes them think that Facebook sucksFacebook does not and we’ve proven this several businesses out there proven this marketing agencies prove this all the time you have to go through the proper steps to set up your ad campaigns let’s talk about this campaign map and what it is really quickly we actually already have someArticles and we’ve done some trainings on this so I’m gonna run through this very quickly but what I’ll do is I’ll leave a link right below in the description that will take you over to creating the Facebook campaign map so that way you can get a better idea of what to do alright guys so this is the campaign maplike I mentioned and what you have to understand before you even start doing this is your business going to use Facebook to drive cold traffic if it’s not ie those criminal attorneys or those professional style services that we mentioned in the beginning that don’t have as good of results with Facebook Campaigns or at least using it for cold traffic those are the businesses.

where you’re probably gonna start building out your campaigns more down here right these are people who have already visited your website that’s what this product page is or they’ve added something to cart right these people uphere haven’t even necessarily heard of your brand before they don’t even necessarily know that your business exists so they’re less likely to convertand again with those criminal attorneys or with the accountants and the doctorsit doesn’t always work as well because people are going to search engines to find that information first and then going to the website which is why you want to have those remarketing campaigns on for people like those accountants and doctors and attorneys at this first stage all we’re doing is we’re creatingFacebook Ads these are the ads on Facebook that we’re gonna run all rights these are posts right here image posts this is a Article post the Article is pretty much the exact same thing as what is in this blog post right here so what we’re doing is this this Facebook ad is directing them to this blog post on ourwebsite that’s something interesting to them then what we’re going to do is we’re gonna do the same thing but in Article form over here we’re gonna create custom audiences based on whether people visited this URL or whether they view25% or more of this Article another thing that second point that I Wanted to make guys is the fact that you do not have to follow this exactly okay so the first point is you need to figure out whether you need cold traffic or not the second point is do you need to follow this exact same format or not meaning should I be doing a 25% plus audience.

 I do50 percent of the Article viewed or more or 75 percent of the Article viewed or more I want you guys to understand basically that this is just a guide itis not an exact science now that we’re driving them through to the blog we’re gonna send them another ad trying to get them to convert and become a lead so that way they join our email list people who don’t convert initially we’re gonna premarket them again trying to get them to come back and sign up anyway basically people who can become a lead in the last 7 days we’re gonna send them this ad right and this ads gonna be like hey did you know we have this product and we’re sending them to the product page this is where everybody should beat least building something if you’re running any type of ads on Facebook you need this section the top section is optional really it’s about whether you’re using it to drive cold traffic or not past that if they hit product pages sales pages contact pages anything like that you need to be remarketing those people because you can’t expect people to buy something after just seeing something one time right sometimes it takes multiple times of you seeing something for you to purchase it and so that’s what we’re doing here people who visited the product page we’re gonna send them another ad of five reasons our product is awesome we’ll send them another ad of carousel testimonials a bunch of people who have enjoyed our product then we’ll send them another adolf being published in a local newspaper for something that we did that may you know for being the best business in our market right people. 

who visited the cartpage or basically visited checkout we can add more ads or create more ads to send to those people who also visited the cart if you’re a service that doesn’t have an order page or you don’t sell anything on your actual page then you’ll want to set that up for contact pages people who go to contact pages those are people trying to contact you or they’re interested in finding your information so you can be remarketing to contact pages right here if they became a lead right you could actually consider those in this stage right here hey we saw that you signed up for our email list but never set your appointment would you like to set your appointment now we know that people forget and you’re busy the people who continue to this stage right here you’re gonna say hey if you submit your appointment today we’ll give you a free lollipop you know whatever that you’re going to do you get what I’m saying though you give them some sort of offer to entice them to sign up those people who still don’t submit their offer submit their information or set an appointment after this ad you’re gonna continue through and give them a better offer right and that’s it from there once you get them to come in and they become a customer than you actually want to remarket to them.

so you can get the email list of your clients or for your business and basically upload that email list into Facebook we’ll talk about how to do some of that in a minute you’ll upload that email list into Facebook and then you’ll start remarketing to people who have actually become your customer to give them a thank you to upsell themor cross-sell them another product or to get a review most people have the hardest time getting reviews from their customers but if you just run a simple ad campaign to people who have already become your customers and set it to say you know 14 days after they purchase saying hey what was your experience like did you like it create a Article and send it to us and we’ll post it so that way all of our other fans can see just make sure that you’re planning your ad campaigns and then once you get them planned you create them and set them up but once you set them up you’re checking up on them and analyzing them and determining okay do we need to make adjustments do we need to get rid of the campaign or create a new campaign altogether so that’s simple from there you’re going to go through and you’ll say okay well what’s the objective.

well for that one we’re running a traffic you know for the first one we’re running a traffic campaign right you’ll name your traffic campaign determine if you want to do a/b testing and budget optimization once you’re done there then you want to come in you’re going to select okay where do we want to drive the traffic usually it’s going to be to a website most of you aren’t doing to app or to messenger or whatsapp from here you just need to determine if you’re going to use dynamic creative or not if you’re going to have an offer or not and then we’re going to get to the audience selection stage here is the most important part it comes from your campaign map right we’ve already determined who we’re going to put as the audience if we’re gonna create an audience or we’re going to use a new audience so we don’t have any traffic or any data that our pixel has collected at the cold stages of traffic you’re either going to use saved audiences on Facebook or you’re gonna use look like audiences for the most part once you start building up traffic to your pixel then you can start to use other audiences there but for the most part when you’re trying to run cold traffic to your site or to your brand to get them to you know actually know who you are you’re going to use look like audiences and saved audiences down here these are all custom audiences that you’re going to start using right so this audience would actually be created it would be right here it’s not gonna be these audiences these are all remarketing audiences we’re talking about driving traffic to this right.

Here it’s gonna be a look like or saved audience so that’s what we’re doing you’re either going to create a saved audience by setting up you knowUnited States wherever they’re at if you’re in a local area you’ll do like I Don’t know for us it would be Atlanta and you can do it by the actual city itself or you can even do by the DMA now designated Market area okay we’re just gonna put city for now you know set up your your radius whether it’s in five miles 10 miles two miles whatever your business services was set up our radius you’ll set up your demographic if you’re running this for cold traffic guys leave your demographics pretty open okay so if you know that like no one over the age of 50 buys your product then don’t put it out there for you know 18 to 65 plus limited at 50 and then leave it open from here the greatest part aboutFacebook is that it automatically optimizes a lot of the campaign for you alright so it’s gonna send it to the age groups that are engaging the bestand the most with your ad campaigns from there once you actually get you know three to five days of a campaign running and the ads been running for three five days you’ve collected data then what you can do is start to look at the ad and say okay where do we want to segment this ad out and break up the audiences into smaller micro audiences that we can get spend more money on those micro audiences to get better results for the campaign right because say you have an audience that’s 18 to 24 and just men right 18 to 24 men in this area with the same detail targeting that we’ll do in a minute if that’s the case and the thisgroup right here is engaging 200 times more than say men 35 to 45 right let’s say that age group right there isn’t performing well at all then what we would want to do is put more budget more of the ad spend into the 18 to 24 marketright so that’s what you’re gonna do after three to five days of testing but initially in the beginning again I recommend leaving it open to just be your entire audience anyone who can potentially buy your product or service just leave it open or all of them okay and then again Facebook’s going to help you optimize it and determine which audience is to send it to later when you break down into micro audiences that’s done you need to set up some of your detailed targeting so let’s say we’re doing something for rock climbing right so we would do rock climbing that would be the first thing we’re gonna type in we’ll do field of study as well because those people would definitely have an interest and then you can click suggestions and get other suggestions now it doesn’t mean you’re gonna want to go through here and do every single one right but it does mean that you’re going to want to look and input some of these because they’re probably going to be likely to have an interest in your product or service if they like rock climbing and you put in that they have an interest in rock climbing in the detailed targeting section more than likely they’ve engaged with another Facebook page that has something to do with rock climbing or outdoor sports like rock climbing know if you want to use custom audiences or look like audiences at this stage then all you’re gonna do is click right here and then just click look like audiences and you’ll see your audiences built here you’re just gonna select it there once you input your look like audience know that this is built on I think like 1.2million people is usually the audience size that it tries to get so you’ll want to narrow it down even further down here in your targeting okay so you can see we’ve already narrowed it down but it’s less than a thousand people that’s because this audience is again it’s a fake audience that we’ve created just to show you for this example that’s what you’re going to want to do right thereto set up your actual targeting it’s not difficult guys one of the coolest tricks that I can tell you is you can see right here we have 90,000 people but I want to get more details I want to get people who are really serious about rock climbing so what we can do is we’ll click narrow audiences right here.

But what we’ve done now is we’ve segmented it by people who also have an interesting mountaineering so I’m not going to put mountain I’ll do outdoor recreation outdoor enthusiasts outdoor life so we’ll focus more on outdoors in this audience we found people who have an interest in rock climbing right but we’ve also found people who we know are outdoor enthusiasts who love outdoor recreation so you can see our audience is actually decreased by about 13,000now most people would think this is a bad thing that means oh there’s less people I can potentially sell to that may be so but at the same stroke you now have an audience that is much more qualified because they not only have an interest in rock climbing you know that could have been anybody who clicked on aArticle about rock climbing and said yeah that’s cool right so now you don’t only have an audience of people who are interested in rock climbing but they also have to be interested in outdoor enthusiasts outdoor life outdoor recreation or mountaineering if they’re not interested in one of these topics at least from each one of these sections then they’re not going to be included in this list alright.

So if I segmented it even further so what you can see though is now we’ve created a list of people who not only like climbing rock climbing as an interest or as their field of study and also like mountaineering outdoor enthusiasts out there life or outdoor recreation but they also have to like backpacker magazine climbing magazine or outside magazine this is a list now of 5,300 people versus 77,000 that are super interested in rock climbing like these are going to be the top of the top people who actually go out probably once a week to go outdoors and go you know hiking or go camping or go rock climbing and do something active outdoors so that’s just a pro tip for you guys now I would test this again if you’re trying to find cold audiences audiences that have never heard of your brand before I Would probably go with a larger audience so that way you’re casting a wider net if you’re looking for people that are highly targeted and highly specific to only one thing this is how you’re actually going to narrow those audiences down to find the most interested people from here you’re gonna want to determine your placements and I wouldn’t just leave it at autumn attic really guys most of you are just going to advertise in the feed and potentially in facebookMessenger okay that’s about it the in-stream Articles for most local businesses small and medium sized businesses you just don’t have the budget necessary to advertise an instant that’s like running banner ads across every website out there nobody should be doing display ads or banner ads unless.

They have a large budget and I’m talking tens of thousands of dollars to spend every single month on just Facebook ads we’ll deselect Instagram because we’re not worried about that you won’t want to do audience Network Same there I would only do Inbox if you’re doing something related to messenger do it on Facebook Messenger if it’s not related to getting someone to go to your messenger then you won’t want to use facebook Messenger unless again you’re doing one of those branding style ads where you do like sponsored messages inside of messenger okay that’s where it’s actually going messenger and you’ll see it’s sitting inside the actual you’re your messenger feed all of the different people who message you you’ll see a little block that’s an ad that’s where that’s being placed so you can do that there but again those need to be only for businesses with larger ad budgets I Would leave it to all mobile devices leave that open you can apply blocklists or exclude categories if you’d like from here you’re gonna set your budget not difficult at all you’ll either choose daily or lifetime most people just do a daily budget and then set their start and end date that’s whatI prefer to do if I were you guys that’s what I’m gonna do unless it’s an evergreen campaign which means it’s gonna continuously run then you’ll just want to do run my ad continuously your bidding strategy most of you aren’t going to need to worry about bidding strategy unless you’re spending thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars on Facebook every single month okay so don’t worry about setting bid caps until later after you’ve collected data and you know what your average bid is you’ll want to select your delivery your optimization delivery strategy.

whether it’s by landing page views link clicks people who click your link right these are people who Facebook is going to optimize the ad where they’re gonna send the ad to more people who are more likely to click your link if you just want to get people to view the landing page say a sales page right then you’re going to do landing page news if you’re just trying to get impressions right if you’re just trying to get people to see if the Article that you created and you want as many people see as many times as possible you’ll do impressions daily you need reach right if you’re trying to get more people to see your ad at least one time per day then you’re going to do daily unique reach from there you’ll just click continue and then this is the easy part all you do from here is set up your ad so you’re just going to select which type of ad are you doing carousel image collection whatever you’ll select your page if you’re doing it on Instagram too you’ll select yourInstagram page I recommend doing Instagram ads set up separately from your Facebook ads because they are different if you’d like you can do aninstant experience these are super easy because Facebook’s actually already created templates for you to use where you just upload the photos and images and links and fonts or copy not font but your copy to the actual instant experience landing page and this is cool because it keeps people on Facebook Right so if you’re trying to get new customers.

if you’re trying to sell products on facebook or just get people informed about your products and services and what’s possible these landing page experiences are great for doing that but keep in mind you’re not sending them to your website which kind of I like sending people more to the website than I do keeping them onFacebook I found I have a better experience there but it’s different for every single business premier you’re just gonna enter in your caption so and by that what I mean is they should be asking themselves does this resonate with me actually I’m okay cool so this is the post we’re going to use great now we have to cap the copy in here if you don’t want to use an existing post then you’re going to do create now what you’re going to dois you’re going to click upload and then you’ll just select your image whatever it is that you’re trying to you know promote whatever image that you created alright cool so you can see our images in there we have our caption in here that we wrote we can write our website URLs do our headline the headline needs to be related to the caption into whatever offer that you’re trying to give them so always make sure that you’re using caps on all of the first letters of every word unless it’s a word like the to a you know unimportant words but all of your important words need to be capitalized it makes it easier to read more neat looking make sure that your call-to-action button actually relates to what you’re trying to do if they’re not going to subscribe to anything when they click on this button then why would you have subscribed right it needs to be learn more or watch more buy this check out this whatever find the button that actually relates directly to with whatever they’re going to be doing when they click on that button enter your display link it needs to be the same as your URL.

you don’t even need the display link that’s why they left it as optional and then your news feed link description needs to reinforce your headline and also add a sense of ad sense of urgency and scarcity to whatever offer you’re trying to get cool we’ll make sure our Facebook Pixel is connected so that way we’re collecting any data related to it and then from there all you have to do is click confirm and your ads ready to go that’s pretty much it the only thing that you really need to understand is if you guys are using photos try to use little to no text at all seven words is probably the most you’re ever going to want to put on a photo for a Facebook ad once your ad is actually set up and running or all of your ads for your entire campaign map are set up and running the next thing you’re going to want to do is let them run for a period of three to five days and then come back and check and see which ads need to be adjusted which audiences might need to be adjusted what budgets might need to be adjusted any copy or creative that needs to be adjusted basically that’s where you’re gonna do an entire analysis of the entire campaign and make decisions on what needs to be fixed once you make those determinations then you’ll just go inside of ads manager and make the adjustments that you think are going to be the best optimize your audience’s probable Merilee that’s what’s going to be the biggest key is optimizing the audience’s that you’re sending it to making sure that you’re not spending money on audiences that don’t really matter or aren’t taking action on the ads that you’re running.

Facebook Marketing is a complicated Beast it takes more than just an hour of your time to really learn the platform and there’s a lot more that goes into Facebook than I can even put it into one Article so if you’re wanting to learn more about Facebook marketing we’ve already created tons of Article content and blog content on how to run facebook marketing campaigns build great pages all of that so we’ve left cards those are those links up in the top right hand corner that I’ve mentioned throughout this Article that go into Facebook marketing also what I recommend you doing is going to my channel at Cereal Entrepreneur just go to Cereal Entrepreneur’s page on desktop click the little search icon and then type in Facebook and you’ll see all of our different Facebook marketingArticles that we’ve created to help you get better at Facebook marketing but that’s it for this Article since you stayed tuned to the end make sure that you do two things number one check out this Article in the top right hand corner on building Facebook Ads it’s a live example and then number two make sure you go right below this Article in the description there’s going to be a link for our free Facebook Ads training it’s about a three day training where we go even more in-depth into Facebook ads and marketing.

if you want to get access to that training go right below in the description and click that link next to where it says Facebook guidance training and you’ll get access to that training but that’s it for today’s Article everyone I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope that it taught you a bunch about what you can do to start getting better results with your campaigns if you have any questions or comments make sure to leave them below this Article and I will see you guys on the next one until then CerealEntrepreneur out bye guys ready to start living the six-figure work wherever be your own boss lifestyle well at Cereal Entrepreneur Academy we’ll teach you how to use a laptop and internet to start your own social media and digital marketing agency get started with our free Facebook Ads training links in the description below guys see you in the courseCereal Entrepreneur out  


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