I want to discuss how to build backlinks from your pbn. so this video is going to cover exactly that how to maximize the results get the best results for the lowest amount of budget so this video is going to touch on how many links should you be sending out how to set up your Build Backlinks to pass the maximum amount of power. I will also cover some tips and some tricks along the way most effective ways now a one-to-one is going to be your best bet when setting up a pbn now you have one main website. It’s about one topic it’s going to a main ranking page in wanking from 1 to 1 alright so this is gonna be your most effective way to build out your links but it may not be the most cost-effective way. I want to cover. How you should be linking out to get optimal results so in order to get optimal results what we want to do and I’m going discuss these structures now this is going to be the optimal setup. We have our pbn and it’s a 1 to 1 we have set this up within our network now we are linking from our pbn which is niche-specific alright this is one site 10 sites 20 sites and they go to one money site, home page.


This is a perfectly fine structure that you will get maximum benefit out now let’s say that you have multiple sites. You really want to stretch your budget to get the best results now another way that it could be set up is let’s say. You are buying your site’s expired domains maybe you’re getting them at auction maybe. You’re dropped caching and maybe you’re putting in back orders this is going to be the recommended way. I would recommend that you do it you really want to take a look at sites and you want to get those perfect sites that fit your criteria fit your metrics have the referring domains they’re receiving a little bit of traffic right you want to put in those back orders pay the $14 Phoenix is an excellent service for this I’m not affiliated. I’m just recommending want to help so another way that you can do it. You’ll find is when you get these sites yes the homepage is the most powerful however with that being said let me go ahead and just show you this but generally within that site. You will come to find that maybe a site has multiple pages that are receiving a little bit of traffic and referring domains.

Best way to Build Backlinks

What you’re looking for is referring domain so this is what we’re looking at to gauge our power but we’re also want to make sure that we’re getting a trickle at least a trickle. We want to start ramping up some traffic even if we need to start sending social whenever we need to do so we have our Build Backlinks site this is our home page alright this is our home page here but that pbnsite.com has a good page alright so this is good page but it might not only have one good page. It might have a Build Backlinks site done now this may be the case for you maybe this Build Backlinks site that you have just rebuilt and you can go ahead they have tools that you can just rebuild them how they work this is how I do it. I guess this is a lazy man’s Build Backlinks but it’s still very effective and then. I just work on producing more content and getting traffic to the site so once we have This is because a lot of times. We’ll findis we’re gonna have our money sites but we don’t just have one money site right we will have multiple money sites so this is also very effective way to Build Backlinks.

So I want to go ahead and show you because if we have numerous pages on the same site that are all powerful in their own right because Google again is looking at pages not the overall website and we also know from running tests in the past I have some other videos I’ve shown tests of this. I send a link from a home page and then. I send it again to the same page this is ineffective however because. I have these two pages here I send a link from here to here and here to here and from here to here. This is effective this is all the same site going to different money sites but what’s very beneficial about this is now we have these other pages Build Backlinks.

When we have other pages that are their own entity receiving traffic. They’re on the same domain they can still pass power so what we can do to really get a little extra up is. We can send now a link down to this money site I’ll link to this money site a link down here the main page right the home page can pass power but so can these pages to all right so say I’m going from here to here alright now. I can and this one’s going here and this one’s going here. I want to go ahead and save really power of this money site. I could send one from here up to here too and it’s going receive that added bump all right now you may not want to interlink every single one.

But this is also a very effective way to pass a lot of power again we really want to stick with the one to one but look at your site and your pages as their own standalone pages. You’re determining referring domains and traffic make sure you look at secondary pages as well because you can really stretch the power of your pbn now a lot of times what you’ll run across is something. I call budget alright these are budget PB ends now let’s talk about a budget Build Backlinks n now budget Build Backlinks ends are these links. You will receive that are generally five or ten dollars coming from spun content they’re relatively cheap but instead of linking to one to one.

Which is optimal or one to three what they will then do is link out to 20 30 different sites because you are just diminishing the returns and the power of that site now let me go into one more way that you can pass power another way that. You can setup for optimal results let me go ahead and just show you this quick so in order to really stretch the power generally we set up about ten sites. I’m just using three here as an example SERP 2 SERP is going to be different it really is going be determining the amount of referring domains and traffic in order to achieve that top result that we’re after those are the two metrics. We’re looking at all right so we have our PD n site this is 1 this is 2 this is 3 all right now another way that we have found to be effective is we on top of the homepage alright we would add a keyword alright slash. So it’s off of the homepage all right it’s our first domain it’s going be marked as a keyword now again would be here all right.

So I just want to go ahead and just write this out for you soit makes sense for you now this is another way to pass that topical past that power. If you don’t have a completely optimal website as far as topically relevant I know that right now topical relevance may not be that important for passing power. I feel that in the very near future we really want to stay on topic we want to stay nice specific we really want that optimal result so this is a way that we were using very powerful domains tons of referring domains. They were receiving the amount of traffic that we feel. It was fair enough for the niche but this is how we did it to really pass a lot of relevance from a site that was powerful but maybe not exactly topically relevant alright so let me show your.

We built the PBN site and then we just made a page let’s say it was keyword , at work. I rebuilt the pages up to their former glory. I would just do an offshoot all right now it’s containing all of that age and that authority but it is a new page but because of the keyword and title topic modeling so what. I want to do here. We’re the taking this keyword here. We’ll say this is keyword one. We’ll say this is keyword one two and three alright and then we are able to then pass to here pass to here and pass to here but because those keywords are probably interchangeable. We’re using PP ends maybe. We’re trying to take overa syrup or maybe we’re trying to overtake a particular cluster of keywords. 

Then this is the strategy that we would use this is what. We set up last time that was very powerful because when we’re in the same niche. We are then able to start passing in between just like this alright so say this one two here because we could go keyword to keyword keyword to keyword and generally if we learn the same niche it’s going to work out now you can do this same exact thing instead of this being said this is a page alright so these are pages you can literally instead of doing. You could use the same setup all right you see how this is PD and site comm keyword instead of making a page you can do apost off of the home page so just as a quick example. I mean by this very simply is we have our pbn site alright calm this is already set in stone.

What we went ahead and did was instead of building out. We’ll say that this is a money site instead of us building out pages we did one two three posts off of the home page and then we linked those out you can use the page or the post setup all of these ways will be very effective. I want to make sure that you understand we’re in fragrance here that the best way to build out your pbn is going to be one site to one site one link to one link now if you want to take that site and link internally that’s perfectly fine or if you have other pages that are going to be very powerful such as in this example here all right. When we’re really looking for the best best optimal results it’s pbn to money site to three anything that’s linking out to five sites or under is going to be highly effective.

Now I see link sellers that really stretch it like I said 10- 20 30 outbound links. I mean it’s really absurd you’re really getting diminishing returns if you’re this setup here is gonna be really good it’s going to be cost-effective if you have the budget. You really want to link rank and you’re in a hard niche then this is gonna be the option for you so my name is Chris Palmer SEO I hope. I was able to shed light on how to effectively link from your PBN to your money websites for the optimal results so if you have any questions about how to build backlinks. how to create backlinks, really anything digital marketing off page SEO or SEO related . Always feel free to leave it in the comments below. How to build backlinks video. Have a wonderful day.


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