We want to talk about with YouTube marketing is understanding the strategy behind YouTube there’s really two big parts that you want to be concerned with you don’t have to have a channel to run ads you do have to have the channel setup. You don’t have to be constantly running content on a YouTube channel to be able to run ads effectively right local businesses can still run ads on YouTube and target their local audiences driving them to their location offering them some specific offer.

So I wanted to make that clear so there’s a content approach and an ad approach to YouTube marketing and really you can take either approach or you can do a combination of both now the first thing that you want to go ahead and do is figure out how you plan to use your channel. If you want to create content are you going to monetize on the content if so how do you plan to monetize is it going to be with the ads that you place on your videos because that requires a lot of viewers all the time to make enough money. Are you going to create a product that you’re selling outside of that or is this to promote a product that already exists like a service or something like. Where you just want to give away information and start to build your audience locally or build your brand online now once you outline your goals and all of your.

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You know the way you’re going to monetize your business the next thing you need to do is okay well. We’re going to go with the content approach we need to start creating content but before we can do that we have to actually do some planning right so the first step is really to start picking out the topics that you think you want to cover and so what. I did for example with my YouTube channel is go on to you know an Excel Document or whatever you prefer to use Google sheets whatever but then list out the primary topics that deal with your product or service. My product is my primary product is selling people a marketing agency course that being said there’s roughly five to six you know subtopics that go under a marketing agency course alright so if we set our primary topic is how to start a marketing agency because that’s typically what someone who would be one of my customers is going to search.

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What are some subtopics for that well from here we have what is digital marketing which is swept which goes into SEO web-mail paper clicks social media marketing and content marketing right those are the primary subjects that are that digital marketing is comprised of the outside of that people also want to learn how to lab clients that’s what this says right here. I can zoom in for you guys so you can see. I don’t think it’ll let me zoom in there we go all right landing clients right here outsourcing and building a team pricing services and then business setup all of these are the primary topics that go into building a marketing agency that you all as viewers and as potential customers will search for that being said.

I need to provide content surrounding those topics and the more. I can drive traffic from these subtopics back up to this primary topic the better. My videos will do the better my blog content will do that’s called topic clusters we actually have videos about topic clusters on my channel make sure to go check those out after this you can do a quick search for those but now that we know the topics we want to cover.

We actually have to do some keyword research and figure out what keywords are going to what other keywords are people going to use to find these types of topics right the this part of the planning process is super important because you have to understand YouTube though it seems like a social platform it is a search engine. It is first and foremost a search engine so people are using keywords to find your video content and having this strategy in place not only targets the right keywords but makes sure that you have the right set of videos to drive people through all of your other videos right. So if you get someone to watch one of your videos you want them to watch all of your videos right because they have an interest you want the ones.

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Who are really interested to watch all of your videos and for two reasons why because YouTube is actually seeing that as positive feedback if they watch one of your videos and then they continue to watch other videos YouTube knows that all of those topics are closely related even. They’re not 100% similar they are closely related so if one viewer watches several of your videos and continues to watch long periods of the video so you have a ten minute video.

When they’re watching eight minutes of you YouTube recognizes that and wants to send. It to more people who are searching for those exact same topics. So then we do our keyword planning and you can see will make primary keyword lists and we have our priority keywords that we want to identify for each of our primary topics that we have back here on our topic cluster right and then we’ll do secondary keywords.

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So these are like your your extra keywords that are synonyms basically they’re not the exact same they’re latent semantic elique all dan LSI keywords which stands for latent semantic indexing you can look that up later but from there once we get our cute why do we our keywords that’s why. I want to recommend this tool right hereSERP start it’s where we do all of our analysis so you can see keyword analysis. I can go right here click overview and if it loads they do the site their software is a little slower on load speed compared to some others but it’s very very affordable.

I can do social media marketing and do search and it’s going to show me some other keywords that people are searching related search volume keyword difficulty competition score. If you want to learn more on again topic clusters keyword research go to my channel we have videos specific to that okay trust me. It’s that’s why we make our broader videos like this because there’s a lot of intricate details that go into each different part but you can find all of that again.

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What this tool is for it shows usagain how many keywords we have vol the competition score the keyword difficulty for this specific keyword. I show all it’ll show me keyword difficulties for these keywords that they’re suggesting that we try and rank for right so we have right here our keyword difficulty and again we have tons of information on creating content for YouTube channels go check that out at. You’ve actually started to figure out your content that you want to target you’re gonna start creating videos and blog content right that’s the next face so you actually have to start shooting video we’ll talk a little bit about setting up videos and what you should do a little bit later in this video.

I want to talk about is again continuing on with the strategy after you get people hooked into your video content the next thing you need to do is be driving them to your value documents or your value information you can see here. This is just one of our folders of value documents so how this works is you can see right here we have a video well. If this advertisement will let this go once this advertisement gets done you can see we have this video social media marketing and ads from beginner to advanced well what happens is we talk about all of this training and information and material inside this video and then we suggest in the video we place call to actions to tell people hey go check out this link down here in the description what happens is people click this link.

They actually go to one of our landing pages that we host on click funnels ready to start your agency sign up today. We’ll give you a huge checklist and a bunch of free training that takes them on to our email list which we can then get them into our messenger bot on Facebook. We have tons of re-marketing campaigns then we’re gonna start sending them ads via Facebook and Instagram to get them to take other actions. 

There’s a whole re-marketing conception place we’re not just sending videos we have a follow up sequence all of this content set in place to go out to people so you want to actually consider alright what documents are templates or downloads or what is my value sometimes it isn’t a document or a template sometimes. It’s just the information that you follow up with after or maybe it’s some form of intrinsic value that they received but figure out what your value is and try to figure out a way to market them with that value so really quickly to give you an example. I mean this is just one of the platform’s mini chat you can actually have people sign up on your landing page right there and start sending them through mini chat now we can not only you know follow up them with messenger BOTS but we can actually send ads to them on Facebook too. 

Because they’ve already connected our page right so this is a great way to get people to actually start buying and taking action on the video content that you create so PS if you haven’t actually started a channel before. You’re thinking about starting a channel and you haven’t yet or even if you have and you want to learn more about optimizing your channel and getting more views check out this video up here in the top right hand corner it’s gonna lead you to a whole other mess of videos not mess but a bunch of videos .

I promise you you’re gonna enjoy now finally once you have all of that planned out you can actually start putting topics onto a Content calendar and planning out your calendar now that your full plan is pretty much in place start creating topics and start getting work going so now let’s look at a little bit of the YouTube video ad styles that are available to you they’re not too complicated. If you want to see this link that or this web page that you see on your screen right now we’re gonna include it right below this video it’s support Google so just look for it right in the description but first and foremost.

We have True View ads I want to start there which is the stoppable video ads and these are the ones that actually show up right before a video starts these are great versions of advertisements to run it doesn’t matter if your local business if your regional they are great for re-marketing to people who have visited your website or even engaged with your YouTube channel previously. I strongly strongly recommend using these types of ads they’re good on desktop and mobile it plays in the video player you just need to make sure that you have a video uploaded and ready to go now the only issue is after five seconds it is stoppable. 

You’re gonna use these types of ads you need to make sure you get out whatever call-to-action or whatever is going to trigger them to listen to you out of the way in the first five seconds of that video next. I want to talk about non stoppable video ads which you can see right here and these are ads that must be watched before your video can be viewed alright you’re not allowed to skip them this can be per post or even mid-roll basically anywhere in the video as long as there is an ad cut out in that video by that YouTube creator alright and you have 15 or 20 seconds in length depending on the regional standards but you. They’re not gonna let you do a five-minute non stoppable video ad right that wouldn’t make sense but they will allow you to do 15 to 20 seconds on a non stoppable ad so you still have to be very quick with your call-to-action whatever it is that you’re trying to get the viewer to listen to but they are super effective in getting your message across especially. It’s one the mid mid roll type of video ads they work really well because usually people want to continue watching those videos now bumper ads are the next one .

We’re going to talk about and they’re very simple similar to non stoppable ads and the reason. Why they’re not the same is because you can only do up to 6 seconds it’s good on desktop and mobile as well but again you have 6 seconds to get your message across these are really sore for like branding and building awareness not really using used for a call to action OK so keep that in mind. When you come across bumper ads next we’ll talk about some non video ads which are gonna be display ads these are great for when people are doing searches for a specific topic so for example we always use one for how to start a marketing agency. 

When someone searches for that topic we don’t just want to be in the pre-roll of the video your that that stoppable video ad we want to be right there in the search results right so this is actually like search engine marketing like. You would think on Google Right same exact thing you’re showing up in the search results for that specific set of search terms so make sure your keyword targeting is on point and that’s your call to actions your copy for the ad is really raw well-written next is gonna be overlay ads and overlay ads even though they’re very heavily sought out they’re hard to get a hold of because sometimes number one .

YouTube has had some issues with keeping these ads available for advertisers a lot of the time they get swamped in their server with these types of ads because everybody wants them. They are considered a form of free advertising per se again these are more for building awareness as well so it’s not something that you’re going to use to really drive a call to action those are more where you’re going to use thus capable and non skippable video ads maybe even display ads to get people to actually take a call-to-action seriously oh and PS. If you haven’t done so and you’re wanting to create a brand related account not for advertising but more for running an actual channel check out this video up here in the top right hand corner on creating brand accounts you’re gonna want to see that and then finally is going to be sponsored cards .

Which are actually really cool this is where you can upload your products or services online and then you can actually have these cards show up in your video like a little teaser for a few seconds these are really really cool ads to run. If you’re wanting to really promote a product within a video that performs really well you can add it directly by using one of these or card ads and guys after being in the industry for so long. I’ve seen some really really good ads why don’t you put a ad that you actually remember like one that you can recall off the top here I’ve what’s one that sticks in your mind that you’ve seen on YouTube before leave it in the comments below I’d love to see if it’s one that. I’ve seen before now I quickly want to talk about some best practices for creating your YouTube video ads.

We’ll do it using this illustration in front of me this is an illustration that’s pretty popular across but we took it and kind of adjusted it a little bit because this is our opinion on YouTube ads and from our experiences so the biggest thing. I want you guys to see is number one you want to get your call-to-action out very quickly and this is not only your call to action but your hook okay and this actually doesn’t matter if it’s a youtube video ad or a video for your channel the hook always comes out very quickly because it’s what’s going to keep people interested in the video sometimes the hook can be very direct like hey in this video. I’m gonna show you how to do this sometimes the hook can be a little bit almost seemingly misleading it’s not misleading but it just seems so enticing that there’s almost no way. It could be real right so those types of things you need to get out of the way in the first five seconds again why because you have five seconds until it could potentially be shipped also people have short attention spans if you don’t get me .

I want to hear very quickly I’m done with your message right. I’ll close out and go to another thing next thing is you want to actually get your call-to-action out before 20 seconds okay before 20 seconds you should have already mentioned what you’re there to do what you’re wanting them to take action on right so we have the hook we give a little bit of information about why we’re the you know why this is awesome. Why we’re the best blah blah blah and then we say hey by the way if at you know towards the end of this video you’re interested we’re gonna give you something that you can’t refuse just you know stay you know 30 seconds. We’ll tell you in like 5 seconds from now right that’s how you build your video out then you give your core content why you’re the greatest information about the product or service that you’re potentially going to be promoting or the event..

Whatever it is that you’re promoting maybe it’s as specific blog article or YouTube video whatever you’re promoting. You’re putting your core content and then you have your final call to action which is where you’re pretty much repeating what you said in the beginning and then. You’re adding a countdown timer or something to make the offer seem scarce doesn’t even have to be a timer maybe it’s like there’s only three offers available period and the first three to get it are the only ones who are gonna get it right. What you need to do that you need to come back to that call-to-action and remind them again because maybe. They didn’t take it here but they reach the end of the video and then maybe they decided they want to take it they just need you to tell them to take .

It right that’s the whole point of this final call to action all right so let’s look at some analytics and metrics for YouTube channels and really just whether this is for ads or your channel a lot of these metrics are going to be similar like impressions click-through rates view through rate really those are your biggest metrics. You’re going to want to look at but I do want to point out a couple of different things number one being. When it comes to your actual YouTube channel videos that you’re uploading to a channel you know almost vlog style content informational content. You’re creating not ad based right these types of videos two primary metrics really matter the most okay and it’s gonna be your click-through rate and it’s going to be your average percentage view the view through rate and the reason why these are your most important.

Because when it comes down to a YouTube video there’s really two actions that you can take directly related to that specific video that means something to YouTube number one. If you click on it that means the thumbnail and the title of that video enticed you to click based on your search that you put into YouTube’s search bar number two is the view through rate because of the fact that. You click on that video but you don’t watch it does YouTube think that’s going to be valuable no probably not because you didn’t watch the video. But if you click on that video and you watch let’s say 60 to 70 percent of that video it’s a good portion of the video watched .

YouTube recognizes that so that’s how they’re going to compare your ranking verse other people uploading videos in the same topic say someone has a video that is 10 minutes long. They have a click-through rate of 2.5 percent right but their view through rate is only 50 percent where you have the same video with the same click the rate of 2.5 percent. Your view through rate is actually 65 or 70 percent who do you think’s going to rank higher the one with 2.5 percent but the higher view-through rate and vice versa.

Your click-through rate is higher but youview through rate is kind of low you actually might get more clicks to your video and stand the chance to rank higher than other videos as well so you want to keep those two things in mind and you want to find videos. Where your view through rate is super high and your click-through rate is high and go analyze what was a bit what was. it about that video that was super interesting that kept people watching the entire town and then also what made them click on that video was that the thumbnail was it the well-written title or a combination of both some other things you could look at could be things like your cards cards are super important forgetting people to look at other pieces of information on your YouTube channel or other videos.

You have so by putting cards in your videos that allows people to click and then go view another video this tells you what other videos people might be interested in so you can see in the last 28 days all of these videos have received views because. I’ve added it as a card into the video find out which topics work really well in combination together so that way you can continue to add them to future videos so that way you get people playing more videos from your channel in a continuous flow right so that way YouTube recognizes when someone starts off by searching Facebook marketing they want to see more on Facebook ads running Facebook pages the .

Facebook pixel creating a facebook marketing content calendar right they would want to see all of those videos because. They’re related and the more videos that that one viewer goes through and uses the more likely YouTube’s gonna recommend more of your content for you and that is the key getting your content recommended by YouTube for free so now we’re gonna talk about setting up a YouTube ad. It’s actually not as complicated as people would think really. You want to know when to use a video on your channel or one to use display or again when to use really an ad that you created separate from your channel that you’re just going to upload it’s gonna be more of a ghost style ad meaning it’s not on your actual channel alright so first thing we want to do is we click start to build a new campaign and you could do this guided setup here I personally don’t like to use .

You’re not if you’re not familiar with YouTube ads and you’re just starting you could use this I like to generate a campaign without any recommendations because. I know what I’m looking for for the most part you guys if you’re on YouTube you’re gonna be working in display and video well pretty much actually. You are in YouTube that’s all you’re using is display and video display is going to be the display ads in the search engine results or in the recommended search results to the right of the actual videos shown. You actually have this video ad which is where we have the skippable non skippable and bumper ads okay so what we’re gonna do is we’re just gonna select a video ad just because you know that’s what most of you are going to be doing .

You can do a custom video campaign or an ad sequence right so this is where you tell your story by showing ads in a particular sequence to individual viewers this is something new. They’ve added in which is really helpful for building that campaign that continuously goes through the cycle of okay this is a cold viewer now they’ve seen this ad we can send them this ad because. They’re now in a warm audience and then we can move them even further through the sale cycle because we know. They’re they’ve seen all of these videos. They’ve engaged well with them now they’re in our hot traffic audience and they’re ready to buy right so but for this example .

We’re just going to do a custom video campaign and you can even link them together without setting it up like through a sequence you just have to make sure. You are marketing audiences are built properly but after that your re marketing audiences that have viewed a video previously and that’s pretty much the exact same thing. You’re doing but to setup your campaign. You’re just gonna type in a name and we’ll just type in test because this is just gonna be a test example your campaign budget and dates guys this is different for every business but what I do recommend it. You are going to spend on YouTube marketing and you’re not managing the campaign yourself .

If you outsource to someone else or an ad manager to do it for you you need to spend at least $1,000 in ads per month because they need to be able to get your budget to go far enough if you don’t have at least a thousand dollars per month to spend then you need to be able to manage the campaigns yourself. You can probably get away with spending around 500 to 750 a month that’s not going to get the best performance possible but it will be a good start for a smaller brand okay but that being said you know if let’s say. We did have a thousand dollar budget we’re just for this one video ad let’s say this is a top of funnel ad we’re gonna spend $30 a day alright .

So that actually your sorry not $30 a day that would be our entire budget we’re gonna spend $15a day. This is gonna be our top of funnel ad it’s gonna eat about half of our budget up but that’s what we want with cold traffic budgets right we’ll set our start and end dates so we would just do you know from the beginning of the month we’ll just do what. We have left in this month to the end of the month which would be the 30th alright and we’ll do$15 a day for the campaign once we set up everything else. It will adjust all of this next we’re going to set up our bidding strategy maximum cost per view okay that’s what this stands for CPV or we could do our target cost per thousand .

We don’t have a larger budget and we’re just gonna do YouTube videos and YouTube search results that’s all we would do for this specific video. You have a larger budget then you can add in the Display Network this is all of the other websites that have video content on them it’ll actually place the earth really not even that it’s more the fact that they’re signed up with YouTube’s video Display Network. They allow other businesses to post ads on their site that being said you could put your ads there but again you want a larger budget set your language your country or your locations that you want to target alright once you’re done with all of your locations. 

Then you need to actually set up your inventory type so we’re going to do standard inventory expanded expanded or a limited inventory basically guys. This is telling you where it’s going to show your content standard is the recommended because it it puts out things like you know channels that might be a little more risque. They say a lot of cuss words on them or they talk about topics that might not be something you want to show your brand on right a lot of the times these are like religious channels or political channels you don’t want your content showing upon there because you don’t want people to think. You’re biased towards something which could keep them from buying that’s where expanded inventory comes unlimited inventory makes it to .

Where you’re making sure it’s you know moderate profanity moderate sexuality and suggestive content you know. They’re a lot more family friendly you’re family-oriented would be a good way to put that so that’s where you’ll set that up you’ll have excluded content if you don’t want it to show on any sit you know sensitive social issues tragedy and conflict all of those. You’ll go through there and set those up you can do excluded labels again these are all exclusions from things you don’t want to you don’t want your ad to be included in then. You’ll set up your ad group your ad group is just the audience’s that you’re trying to target so you’ll set up your demographic. 


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